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  • Alex Pasternack
    Jan 8, 2004
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      Hey y'all--

      Some friends and I are starting an obliterary zine. It's called PRESENT!
      Anyone want to submit?



      ...a lo-fi obliterary magazine for everyone, presenting
      naked and experimental
      essays, stories, reviews, photos,
      poems, sketches, and miscellany.

      Writers, artists, thinkers and drinkers of the world:
      consider giving a present to the nicest
      multimedia do-it-yourself event
      of our present time, coaxing off fashionable wigs
      and old moccasins on body parts near you.

      Donate exciting writing and art of any genre
      (essays, fiction, letters, poetry, news, drama,
      travel logs, photos, how-tos, lists, manifestos),
      infused with genius, love, excitement, humor, fear,
      joy, revelation, doubt, mystery, invention, brilliance,
      eroticism, insanity, acrobatics, wonder, experimentation.
      But please, no convention, cliche, snarkiness, or meanness.

      Writing or art on any topic is welcome.

      email presentzine@...

      due date: this Monday January 12...

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