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  • Madison Lockwood
    Oct 31, 2006

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      Article Title: Online Resumes For Onstage Professionals
      Author: Madison Lockwood
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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      The film and theater business is, has and always will be about
      whom you know - but so will the rest of the world. As in any
      other business, it pays to advertise for actors and actresses;
      and in an industry where appearance is everything there is no
      better medium for a professional resume than the Internet.

      Established stars with agents, industry connections and scripts
      coming their way on a weekly basis are beyond the casting call
      stage. For those privileged few, there likely are fan sites to
      be found on the web. But for thousands of professionals who
      have studied the art, who have worked a little or once or not
      at all beyond acting school, an online resume provides an
      excellent two-dimensional presentation of the person.

      Personal Biography

      Online resumes in the acting profession will generally include
      a brief bio that provides the vital statistics and education.
      Beyond that, a well done resume moves to a listing of any work
      the actor/actress has done to date. If they are fortunate
      enough, the work is broken out by stage, film and television
      categories. Information is included on the director and
      production house. The nature of the role is usually included
      (featured, supporting, guest star, hostess) to provide a sense
      of versatility.

      Dialect Skills

      Other features in the resume might include "languages" which is
      taken to mean accents or dialects: one actress lists Texan,
      Spanish and New York. A critical area is also the list of study
      credits. This may include voice coaches; acting classes; voice
      over training; techniques taught at one acting school or
      another; any standup comedy or monologue training, and so
      forth. The teachers and coaches are also listed, as many who
      teach the craft have widespread reputations of their own.

      Photo Stills

      Finally there is the photo gallery and any stills from
      productions that the actor/actress has appeared in. The best of
      these include both studio and informal photos as well. Some are
      include downloadable video clips. Contact information is on the
      site, of course, including an email address and phone number for
      the agent representing the individual.

      The multimedia aspect of an online resume is especially
      valuable for an actor or actress. It is available on demand and
      it saves a lot of phone and paper contact in soliciting work,
      just as it saves casting personnel screening time. If they like
      the professional history and pictures, they can schedule an

      Submit Your Resume Web Site

      Another interesting feature that has grown up around acting
      resumes are the sites that have proliferated as indexes of
      acting resumes. Utilizing online collections of this type, an
      actor, actress or agent can spread the resume around much like
      commercial websites work to develop multiple links and

      Yahoo has a directory of site listings for actors and actresses
      that runs into the hundreds. They are simply listed
      alphabetically with a single descriptive sentence: "Official
      site of the Scottish actor, musician and composer..." It may
      well be worthwhile to pay for listings in established acting
      indexes, just as it used to be a reasonable investment to buy
      an ad in the Hollywood Reporter. The Internet can be a
      proactive outreach tool for actors and actresses; at least,
      they can position themselves so that they can't be overlooked.

      About The Author: Madison Lockwood is a customer relations
      associate for http://www.apollohosting.com She helps clients
      understand how a website may benefit them both personally and
      professionally. Apollo Hosting provides website hosting,
      ecommerce hosting, & VPS hosting to a wide range of customers.

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      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

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