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152zine contributions needed, please! thanks!

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  • zorrosmommy
    Jun 6, 2002
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      I'm looking for contributions to round out some contro zines I'm
      working on. I'd like to get them finished by the end of the month if
      possible. Subjects include:

      road trips
      unsent letters
      a day in the life
      do-it-yourself (any subject matter)
      thrifting/yard sales/saving a dollar/dumpster diving (any related
      topic, inc. pictures)

      Please, if you have any interest at all, please email me. Anyone who
      contributes 3 paragraphs or more will receive a copy of the zine and
      if you send in substantial contributions, I'd be happy to send a copy
      of one of my personal zines as well as an additonal thank you.

      My email address is adultramblings@...

      my website (non zine related, but to learn about who I am) is

      thanks very much for your time!