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14537Bob Marley - The Legend

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  • Jon Blake
    Oct 2, 2006

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      Article Title: Bob Marley - The Legend
      Author: Jon Blake
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      The great album called Bob Marley Legend has to be the premier
      album of its time. The legendary CD called Bob Marley Legend
      maps the life that Bob Marley lived by having the classic
      tracks such as "Buffalo Soldier" and "Stir it Up" plus "Get Up
      Stand Up" and "Is This Love". Bob Marley has to be one of my
      favorite musicians that there is, and that is why he is the
      undisputed king of reggae. It is but a testament to his ability
      that he is a global icon. People in his home country and abroad
      still worship the man and the icon of Bob Marley.

      The album Bob Marley Legend had to be one of the first albums I
      heard in my first year of college. Everyone used to like Bob
      Marley but in a different sort of way. With other music, people
      liked the same kind of stuff as their social group, but with
      this everybody liked it. Not everybody had the CD, but you
      would never get a single complaint when Buffalo Soldier started

      Although Bob is heard by a host of people, Bob Marley had
      original success singing about the poverty and suffering of his
      native Jamaicans. Bob Marley actually always thought for freedom
      and independence wanting ordinary people to get rights. His
      radical spirit and his longing for freedom are prominent in his
      music, in his spirit and in his many fans that listen to and
      absorb his lyrics.

      The reason Bob Marley is liked by everyone is his multi-faceted
      personality. Those who take drugs feel a certain alliance with
      him, those who play guitar feel similar, those who are just
      chilled out music fans. Everyone likes Bob Marley and if you do
      not then you have a problem. If you are a true fan, then you
      will go and listen to one of his tracks or price up one of his
      albums after reading this page.

      About The Author: Jon is the editor of a top
      http://www.ragingmusic.com website, and he also runs a site
      about http://www.quickbeautytips.com

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