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14Re: You can call me War

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  • revelations64
    Mar 1, 2000
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      I'm still trying to access it today. I've tried
      telling it to send me my password, but haven't gotten a
      response, so maybe the leap year killed the server. I'd
      really have to think hard and be a bit more committed
      than I am right now before I got my own domain. I've
      heard they can get pretty expensive, too.<br><br>I know
      it's difficult to get noticed on the web, what
      everything going dotcom crazy, but I linked to a couple
      popular pages to even the odds a little. Again, not that
      it helps if I've got no front page, but I tried. I
      would never be able to switch over fully to a web-based
      mag. The ones I've seen just don't "cut
      it".<br><br>Agreed again with the difference between print and
      electronic writing. There really is something to be said
      about the feel of the pages under your fingers. And
      it's awful hard to curl up in bed with a good webpage
      on a rainy day.<br><br>I think a lot of people take
      less care with web pages (and e-mails, chats, posts,
      etc.) than with printed words because there's a sense
      of immediacy to typing something and seeing it come
      up on the screen. You have a tendency to forget that
      it doesn't go anywhere until you hit "send". While I
      enjoy working on my writing at the computer more than I
      ever would have imagined, I don't leave the rules of
      spelling and grammar behind when I'm at the keyboard. Like
      I said in a previous post, just because the
      computer claims it can check spelling and grammar, doesn't
      mean it's 100% correct when things are put into proper
      context. Too many people are relenquishing their ability
      to use their brains over to machines, forgetting
      that a human brain programmed the machine to begin
      with.<br><br>Thanks for the added help to get my site noticed. I
      forgot to visit yours yesterday, but I'll try to
      remember today. As for therapy, I can't afford that (and
      they'd lock me up for sure - "Incarnation of war, huh?
      Right this way, we've got a nice comfy room, and this
      jacket we'd like you to try on..."), so I guess this is
      as close as I get.<br><br>Have a good day; see ya
      next time.
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