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  • tikis_way
    Feb 2, 2002
      Hey everyone! I m currently working on my first
      'test' zine o see i im upt o the challeng eof zine
      making. My biggest probalem will probably be the printing
      part. I still havnt figure dout how mim gonna do that.
      but the zine itself is almost done.<br><br>Its 16
      pages, with a bunch of short stories and art. Funny,
      goofy, nonsensical. Fun stuf foyou know. everything you
      could ask for in some light reading, and fully
      illustrated to boot. its caled "Tiki: Girl without a cause"
      So if you'd lke to reserve yourself a copy (Im
      thinking 50 cents or trade..i might raise the price if the
      printing costs a lot , but its not about the money is
      it....? Id prefer trades anyways, thats what im really
      interested in) emal me at tiki@...<br><br>ALSO,
      email me if you would like some art for your zine. I
      love to draw and would be more than hapy to submit
      some art to ya! i'll stick a few samples of what I can
      do in the photo section.<br>Til then!<br>Be young,
      have fun, smash racism!<br>~Jen (a.k.a Tiki)
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