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Trainfest 2006 Pictures

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  • hobbycraftsnmore
    Hi All I just put up the pictures on my website of Trainfest in Milwaukee, WI. It s the show 35th anniversary and one of America s Largest Operating Model
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2006
      Hi All

      I just put up the pictures on my website of Trainfest in Milwaukee,
      WI. It's the show 35th anniversary and one of America's Largest
      Operating Model Railroad Show. There was a Z scale group there the
      WIZ KIDZ with there Z bend Modules. They even had a Z Scale cigar box
      contest going on where the people at the show could vote who is got
      the best cigar box.
      At the Manufactures booths Z Scale had a strong showing. Marklin was
      there with a layout. Micro Trains had a booth there and was showing
      off the new 60' flat car and was showing of the auto switch box for
      there switches. Along with a custom painted GP35 and there new HOn3
      log car.GCLaser had all the new products there from O to Z and you
      could just see the size diferent. Plus N Scale Archtect was there
      with there products including there saw mill.

      There was alot more layout of all scales with many different ideas.
      Five of N trak clubs even got together to form one large layout.
      There was clubs that even had mixed scales. Hope you enjoy the photos
      I took; I had a fun time taking them.

      To see the pictures go to my site at


      then click the green hobby button at the top of the home page and
      that will take you to the hobby page and just click the yellow train
      show link at the left side of the page and pick the show

      Hobby Crafts N More
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