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laptop charger

Does anyone have a Dell laptop charger and can bring it tonight????? My laptop is an E1505 Circa 2006. Don't know if the laptop died or the charger. Thanks
May 5, 2013

Re: Found interesting opportunity.

Hi friend this has been how to start your new life
ken spencer
Oct 18, 2011

Re: Fwd: I am finally became Boss.

whats up hope was fading fast finding this was such a relief its crazy how the tables have turned I had to share this with someone
ken spencer
Sep 27, 2011


ive been frustrated with myself lately I thought Ihad reached a dead end now its impossible for me to fall behind.
ken spencer
Sep 17, 2011

I am finally became Boss

ive never had anything handed to me nothing seemed to work for me this was my last shot at success!!
ken spencer
Sep 15, 2011

Re: Ranger Zetec engine with DOHC head??

The Zetec 2.0 found in late 90's Escorts and early Focus models is a European designed motor that has some lineage (bore spacing, etc.) with the earlier Escort
Ryan M
May 14, 2011

Re: Ranger Zetec engine with DOHC head??

That Ranger must have a Duratec. I don't think they ever put Zetecs in them. I have heard of a Volvo 16 valve head installed on a 2.3 Lima engine.
John Butruce
May 14, 2011

Ranger Zetec engine with DOHC head??

Got more info from my friend that saw the engine. The guy said he used his head on a Ranger short block. He was thinking 2.3 Pinto/Mustang II engine. I know
May 14, 2011

Re: new guy questain??? Will a Zetec Head fit on a ranger 2.3 short

Hello John, I would doubt it very much. Every Oil and Water passage between the block and the head would have to perfectly match up, not matching would cause
May 14, 2011

Re: Update!

Hello Ryan, I have no experience with the ECU side of this as I am running a stand alone Emerald ECU for my engine. I can tell you that you will need to
May 14, 2011

new guy questain??? Will a Zetec Head fit on a ranger 2.3 short bloc

In the olden days I raced and built 2lt and 2.3lt Pinto/MustangII engines. Friend of mine saw a Zetec head on a 2.3 ranger engine and I was woundering how hard
May 13, 2011


Hey folks, just your friendly list moderator checking in after a couple years of head down, keep moving. I'm still in SE PA working. The project Zetec is back
Ryan M
May 13, 2011

Re: Starter Motor

Hello Dick I used a Pinto Starter with a 2.0 Pinto bell housing on a Zetec, and Im having some noisy gear mesh issues, It appears the gears mesh but just
Oct 19, 2010

Re: zx2 head on zx3?

HI Anthony, A couple of questions: 1. Are you using this in a stock configuration? 2. Are you using a stock ECU? 3. Is this a "street" car or off road only? If
Jun 29, 2010

zx2 head on zx3?

will it work? My focus broke a timing belt. After replacing the belt, cylinder 4 lost compression . The head is removed, I can't see any obvious damage, but in
Jun 28, 2010
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