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How to Enjoy the World Cup Twice As Much

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  • NamoAmituofo
    A belated article to remind us of how to better enjoy the sport, written during the 2002 World Cup season. ... For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... How to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2006
      A belated article to remind us of how to better enjoy the sport, written during the 2002 World Cup season.

      How to Enjoy the World Cup Twice As Much
      (Rejoicing in Merits in the World Cup Season)

      : I don't watch football or much sports in general because it disturbs my mind.
      Lynn: What do you mean?

      : Well, you have to take a side to really enjoy the game - and your heart goes up and down with your team and its opponents' near misses and goals! In fact, it is a subtle interplay of greed and hatred for the audience!
      L: Haha... it need not be that way for you - even though it might be so for most audiences and the footballers themselves.

      Z: How else? It's competition - civilised war with rules - about victory and defeat! Just look at the tears of ecstasy and agony for the players and supporters! Samsara in a stadium!
      L: Well, that's the general way things are - not ideal of course. But there is an alternative way to enjoy the World Cup and sports in general.
      Z: I'm listening...

      L: I call it "How to Enjoy the World Cup Twice as Much"! Instead of taking a side while watching a match, why not rejoice for each and very goal scored by both teams?
      Z: Where's the "kick" then?
      L: The "kick" is doubled! Get the kick from both teams' rejoice when they score! Get a kick from impartially seeing the beauty of each goal! Why feel down for near misses by the team you favour and the goals the other team score? Why is it necessary to lessen our happiness when it can be doubled? Why put ourselves through ups and downs of pleasure and displeasure, gain and loss when the calm equanimity of true sportsmanship is better? Of course, wanting to see the game in the first place already involves some craving, but you can always enjoy the beautiful game in a more beautiful way!

      Z: Interesting... I can't help but agree with you. Let me practise this in 4 years' time for the next World Cup!
      L: May the best team win. Our anguish and excitement in front of the TV screen has no part to play in really helping them. Just sit back, relax and watch the action! And watch your mind too! See how it goes! Does it gets disturbed? Does it get carried away by the ball?...
      Z: Haha... football meditation! Cure for soccermania and footballitis! Better late than never!

      - Shen Shi'an

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