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All As Constant Change Without Beginning or End

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  • NamoAmituofo
    ... For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... All As Constant Change Without Beginning or End When unenlightened, Anicca (change) is the unrealised constant. When
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      All As Constant Change Without Beginning or End

      When unenlightened, Anicca (change) is the unrealised constant.
      When enlightened, Nirvana is the realised constant. - stonepeace

      When asked about the beginning,
      The Great Sage said that nothing is known of it.
      Cyclic existence is without end and beginning.
      So there is no beginning or end.

      Where there is no beginning or end,
      How could there be a middle?
      It follows that thinking about this in terms of
      Prior posterior, and simultaneous is not appropriate.

      If birth came first,
      And then old age and death,
      Then birth would be ageless and deathless,
      And a deathless one would be born.

      If birth were to come after,
      And old age and death first,
      How could there be a causeless aging and death
      Of one not born?

      Birth and age and death
      Cannot occur at one time.
      Then what is being born would be dying
      And both would occur without cause.

      When the series of the prior, simultaneous, and posterior
      Is not possible,
      Why are you led to posit
      This birth, aging, and death?

      Not only is cyclic existence itself without beginning,
      No existent has a beginning:
      Neither cause and effect;
      Nor character and characterized...

      Nor feeling and the feeler;
      Whatever there is:
      All entities
      Are without beginning.

      [Chapter XI: Examination of the Initial and Final Limits] See Book for Commentary
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      - The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way : Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika 
        (Translation & Commentary by Jay L. Garfield)

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