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(3) Response to "Do We Simply Wait Out Our Bad Karma?"

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      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com

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      (3) Response to "Do We Simply Wait Out Our Bad Karma?"

      On Commitment & Divorce <<<

      Q: Would you enlighten me more about the Buddhist view on marriage?... With regards to "In Buddhism, marriage is not seen as holy matrimony made in some heaven. It is a worldly contract of companionship - only as sacred as couples make it to be." It is an interesting concept which I have not thought about. It is true that marriage is a worldly contract of companionship. But then, all beings are made to be interconnected with each other.  

      A: Hmmm... Would hesitate to say all beings are made to be interconnected with each other - in the sense that no one really made us - other than ourselves, karmically, time and again. And the choices we make are our own. Even so, it is true that we are indeed interconnected to each other in more ways than one - whether we are married or single.

      he different of being in a marriage is just a legal acknowledgement of the commitment and ownership of responsibility to another person, just as you are to any members of your family. However, if we are to take all relationships with anyone seriously (as we are interdependent on each other), then the law of marriages would not have had to be setup. There wouldn't be divorce at all. Divorce is just a legal way to allow and approve rights to be separate and be apart.   

      A: It is interesting to note that commitment to our parents needs no certificate of commitment and can still work pretty well in many cases, while marriages with certifications of commitment can fail.

       It is somehow ironic to think that in the society, we set some many laws just to justify and dis/approve our right/wrong behaviour. Where is all the common sense and moral values that people should have? Somehow, when society creates laws for marriage, they have to think of a law for society to get out of marriage too.  

      A: You are right. The "rules" of marriage are actually of much common sense. Eg. Love your spouse; not beat up your spouse! It is important to have laws which allow divorce. The downside of the ease of divorce is that it might lead to less valuing of the constituition of marriage. Then again, arranging for a divorce is nothing very pleasant.

      t is interesting how the law changes just to fit into people's lives for convenience. That's why I think in Buddhism, we do not have "laws" but precepts which we keep and train to purify our thought, word and deed - being based on basic but crucial human morals and respect.

      A: Yes, the precepts are universal and timeless in spirit.  

      I do agree with you that relationships need to have "pauses", just like we take time out to meditate and contemplate our lives when they get a bit chaotic.  

      A: Yes, we need time and space to get our bearings, to chart new directions or steer us back to the right directions. Sometimes we just get lost on the way to True Happiness :-[

      - TDE Member + Shen Shi'an

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