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Response to "Why 'Intelligent Design' is Unintelligent"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2006

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      Response to "Why 'Intelligent Design' is Unintelligent"

      Comments : After reading, I wonder about the importance and significance of Human Beings in the scheme of the Universe. If the impact of Humans on the Universe or even Earth is not significant, then we can only be important within ourselves and not to other parts of the Universe.  

      Remarks : The impact of humans on the world at large is significant - for humans can change it for better or for worse. In fact, humans can destroy the Earth and its other inhabitants (animals and plants) - via disruption of the environment. The effects of human action are also echoing throughout the universe with the advent of space exploration.

      Comments : 
      If we are an important element of the Universe, then we have to dwell deeply into the reasons why we are important. I think knowing the reasons will help us to navigate better.

      Remarks : Actually, individually, we are always the most immediate important element in the Universe - because the Universe "extends" from us - at least as according to our perceptions. In Buddhism, the Universe is only useful as a stepping stone to Enlightenment and helping others to be enlightened. The most meaningful direction to go then, would be to continually increase our compassion and wisdom, so as to help each other do the same :-]  -Shen Shi'an

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