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#15 : The MTV of Life

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    ZEPH & FRENS #15 __________________________ The MTV of Life Zeph was sitting on the front seat at the far front of the second storey of an air-con
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2000
      ZEPH & FRENS #15
      The MTV of Life

      Zeph was sitting on the front seat at the far front of the second storey of
      an air-con double-decker bus, going home. It was evening. The skies were
      greyish and rain was trickling down in big vertical streams on the
      windscreen he was facing, marring the vision surreally. He could see
      passers-by on the streets through the warped glass. There was a certain
      darkening air of dreariness pervading the scene... He then plugged into his
      discman, playing "Sometimes" by Depeche Mode:
      Sometimes, only sometimes
      I question everything
      And I'm the first to admit
      If you catch me in a mood like this
      I can be tiring
      Even embarassing
      But you must
      Feel the same
      When you look around
      You can't tell me honestly
      You're happy with what you see
      Oh sometimes
      Only sometimes
      You must be...
      You must be...
      As embarassing as me

      (By Martin L.Gore of DM)
      Sometimes, only sometimes... when Zeph was in a more pensive mood, he finds
      himself lost in the words and tunes of slow sad songs. And he finds himself
      identifying with, agreeing with it all. Often, it was a case of being
      carried away emotionally. There is this powerful thing about any words that
      are choreographed with the matching imagery of sight and sound. Anything
      that has a nice ring to it almost seems to justify its reality. Is this not
      why we are so easily touched by poetry and movies, despite their messages
      sometimes being far from simple wisdom?

      He realised he was in an MTV (music video). The setting he was experiencing
      was like that of a modern MTV- he was listening to the music of his CD, and
      the video was on the imaginary widescreen TV he was facing- MTV live but
      plugged (to CD)! Scenes of real life are getting to be more MTV-like as MTV
      features more and more realistic life scenes without the beautiful and
      glamourous always. Alleys dirty and common people on the streets I pass by
      just as I see on MTV. Modern music is as varied as their videos. MTV is
      about a spectrum of human experience depicted for entertainment,
      contemplation. A double-edged knife that portrays the good and the bad.
      Piped music is everywhere- walkmans, shopping centres, car stereos, discos,
      elevator music, TV, radio... rendering a beat of MTV to our everyday
      experiences. Life is MTV; MTV is life. All kinds of songs, sad and happy,
      all kinds of lives. Welcome to Generation X. X could stand for MTV. We, the
      citizens of Generation X, make MTVs, love them and live our lives as
      colourfully as MTVs! Listen to the beat jerky and catchy, see the video
      flashy and "cool." With every haunting song's melody and lyrics humming in
      your mind with moving images, your life is mostly MTV mentally when you are
      idle. Colourful wandering thoughts of an untrained mind, a mind that can't
      sit still. Are you directing your best hit video? What keeps replaying in
      your mind? Images of Samsara or visions of Nirvana? We are what we think. We
      are what we keep thinking.

      Upon our deathbeds, it is said that as if a fast-forwarded video will be
      played in your mind's eye. This video was solely directed and produced by
      you and you alone. It is the MTV of your life. You are its star. You will be
      viewing absolutely, without any censorship, the story of your whole life in
      all its full-fleged glory and shame. It will be mind-boggling, maybe a
      horror movie even. The vision might be as blurred as the windscreen
      widescreen. It is almost certain that this video will include captions from
      your favourite MTVs. There will be one image you will cling on to last, one
      lingering thought. And this thought might be one person, or one matter, that
      you have yet to resolve. And if you can't let it go, you return to life,
      after death. You come back to life- reborn in MTV land, where you might pick
      up a myriad multitude of images, cling on to them, and be unable to let
      go... again. All the MTVs are filmed in Samsara, and are about Samsara. No
      one has a filmed footage of Nirvana. But Zeph wants to see it. This means,
      he'll have to attain it. There is no other option. Last track of the album
      is finished. Zeph removed his ear phones. Welcome back, to the real world.
      Hear the rain outside now, not the tune in the head. Don't get lost in this
      brave new MTV world. Guard your mind.

      (Visit http://depechemode.com/ for a sample of DM lyrics & MTVs.
      They are not necessarily Buddhistic though.)
      Please feel free to share with us your thoughts on the above
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