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Response to "Seeing Your Eyes in Mine"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
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      Response to "Seeing Your Eyes in Mine"

      Hello. Good day.

      The eyes of a person... what do they convey? Love, compassion, hatred, jealousy, wisdom, etc..? There was one time, I was very interested in studying the facial features of people (I called it facial 'palmistry'). I believed that with this knowledge, I could understand a person, his or her character, disposition... I haven't been doing this for a long while. Anyway, I wasn't never too good in differentiating the various patterns of eyes. The various shapes and sizes denote varying characters. I found it interesting.

      Susbequently, I realized that facial features change with time. No, I am not referring to a person's age. I am referring to a person's daily behaviour, thoughts and speech.

      The eyes is an important "bridge". Why are animals afraid of us? The answer? Maybe it's in our eyes. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, our thoughts are conveyed through our eyes. To a lay person, there is little significance. Maybe we can't "pull wool" over the eyes of animals.

      Their sensitivity receptors are much more sensitive than humans. Next time, when a stray cat runs away from you, I think, it is time to self-reflect. By the way, stray cats do run away from me...

      Have a nice day... Amitabha... Regards, JMeng

      TDEditor: The Metta (Loving-kindness) of a person plays a big part in our ability to gel with other beings. Remember the story of the Buddha's Metta being so strong that He could calm an angry intoxicated elephant stampeding towards him?

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