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Are You Really Doing It?| The Dharma is Everywhere!| What is Your Intention?

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      Are You Really Doing It?
      The Dharma is Everywhere!
      What is Your Intention?

       < Dipa Ma

      Are You Really Doing It?

      She would always ask,

      "How much are you sitting (in meditation)? 
       How is your mindfulness?
       How awake are you in life?"

      Basically the question was,

      "Are you really doing it,
       or are you just thinking about it?
       It's a great idea to live with mindfulness,
       but are you actually living your life that way?"

      The Dharma is Everywhere

      At the end of one retreat, I told her how hard it was to go back to my life because I was living in a remote part of the country where there wasn't a formalised Sangha (community of practitioners). I asked her about how to manage without a Sangha and she said, "The Dharma is everywhere. It doesn't matter where you are."

      What is Your Intention?
      One night, a student showed up who began asking her a lot of questions. He was quite challenging and confrontational and coming from an abstact intellectual plane and trying to get her to argue. At one point she stopped and said in a very calm voice, "Why have you come here? What is your intention?" The sincerity of her question immediately silenced him.

      -Dipa Ma: The Life & Legacy of a Buddhist Master (Amy Schmidt) pic:zencomp.com
       Available @ Awareness Place:

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