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Re: Accidents Are From Bad Karma?

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  • cmk_mark
    It appears that the cause and effect cycles are not over yet. In any accident, there are many contributary causes. It would be over simplistic to attribute it
    Message 1 of 2 , May 13, 2005
      It appears that the cause and effect cycles are not over yet. In any
      accident, there are many contributary causes. It would be over
      simplistic to attribute it to karma and the conclude therefore there
      is nothing to make up for.

      Many of our habits are primary factors infuencing the course, risks,
      severity and outcome of any event.

      Not knowing the circumstances of this case, it is not possible to
      say what the person needs to do or otherwise to help himself in the

      The corrective actions that one can take could be found in the
      circumstances of the events leading to the accident.

      For example if one voluntarily takes part in a high risk sport
      event, not withstanding the safety factors that have been taken,
      accidents do occur and is an expected event with a realsitic
      probability. BUT the key is one's own realisation that this course
      of events is because of one inherent inclination, likes which lead
      one to participates in the high risk sports. So did you know you
      were a party to the risk before you come into the place and time of
      the event ?

      In another example, say, where a person is just a bystander who
      becomes involved in an accident in an traffic accident/event of
      everyday life such as crossing a road, the personal factors
      contributing to the accident could be one's own making if one is not
      using a zebra crossing that is provided. Then again, depending on
      the circumstances, the event maybe almost 100% contributed by a
      drunk driver. However, drunk driving accidents happen usually late
      at night or early hours of the morning. So what is one doing late at
      night ? and so on.

      The causes of the accidents are many and in the ultimate analysis,
      examining the circumstances and a clear identification of thoee
      factors that are within one's own ability to influence as oppose to
      those which are not within one's ability to control will lead one to
      see clearly the "causes" that originates from our "self"
      inclination, habits, those which we can change and those which we

      The remaining advice given by Shian are all very well said. One
      should re-assess, unlearn the habits and ways of the past, conduct
      one's life with compassion and wisdom will ripen.

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      > Accidents Are From Bad Karma?
      > Q: I've been in two bad accidents. I'm crippled in my let leg and
      my right arm. Some say that this is bad luck others bad Karma. If
      it is bad Karma how do I make up for it?
      > A: There is a common misconception that karma comes in both "good"
      and "bad" varieties. Karma is actually the law of cause-and-effect,
      nothing more, nothing less. Whether things that happed are labeled
      fortunate or unfortunate usually depends on one's point of view. In
      your case, the karmic elements that contributed to your injuries
      encountered the conditions that led to their ripening, you had two
      bad accidents, and those particular cause-and-effect cycles are now
      over; the ultimate causes of your pain are mostly unknown, but for
      you the effects are manifested in an injured arm and an injured leg.
      > Here's an interesting question: what if your injuries caused you,
      in time, to become a far better person than you are already? Would
      they be considered "good" or "bad" karma? When you are lying in the
      hospital in pain you may consider your circumstances to be
      unfortunate, but if you were to look at yourself five years from now
      and determine that those painful injuries changed your life for the
      better, you might consider those injuries to be the best thing that
      ever happened to you. This reinforces the point that karma is
      simply cause-and-effect, and that judging events to be fortunate or
      unfortunate has more to do with our own outlook than on the events
      > So really, there is nothing to "make up for," as you put it. The
      causes happened in the past and the effects of those causes have
      already come about. The most constructive thing to do at this point
      is to calmly assess your situation and determine how you will
      conduct your life from this point forward, given the nature of your
      injuries. It never hurts to try to conduct one's life from the
      standpoint of compassion and wisdom, making sure that one works to
      promote harmony and lessen suffering wherever one can. The ultimate
      point is to live your life moment by moment, unencumbered by guilt
      or remorse, and to deal with each situation in your life as it
      occurs. Keeping the mind focused in this way can only lead,
      ultimately, to the end of suffering. I wish you well.
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