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Wealth Accumulation - Will It Ever Be Enough?

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    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2005

      Wealth Accumulation - Will It Ever Be Enough?

       "Our needs are few; our wants are too many." -Venerable ShengYen

      Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

      Just to share some thoughts.... on Money & Wealth Accumulation

      A couple of days ago, I have heard from a colleague of mine who lamented that at the rate which she is paid she would probably "never save enough for retirement". Her target cash savings for her retirement is at least a hefty SGD$1 million (USD608,000) nest egg at today's standard of living. I have suggested to her in order not to disappoint herself, she should also consider not to retire and work to contribute to society as long as she is healthy and strong. She laughed at the idea and I search for an answer.

      No other intelligent creatures on this earth, accumulates and store "wealth" (if this is what we earthy beings call material resources) in the form of money.

      Few other living beings on this earth would store and accumulate what they need to feed their offsprings,for their next meal or enough food to last them through winter. 

      I am for the idea of saving for old age and a raining day, but also thinks that we humans beings are so fearful for their future, that wealth accumulation has become an obsession and great pains to many.

      I always have asked myself when is money ever enough ? I would like share with you this true conversation with a dharma brother on this topic last night. DB=Dharma Brother, BCP=BigCuPorridge

      I have spent $10 on some gifts in his shop and has $10 left in my wallet, when I laughed and commented that my dear DB should not asked me to make any more purchase...

      BCP : Hey I am down to my last $10, don't know if it would last me
                till tomorrow. So quit asking me to buy anymore things.

      DB : Things are so expensive these days, I fear that we won't be
             able to save enough monies for old age.

      BCP : (remembering the conversation I had) Quit worrying, so long as
               your immediate needs are met, that's all that matters.

      DB  : But SGD$100,000 (not $1m) in cash savings is ideal for

      BCP : Ah..but is $100,000 enough? Someone had told me she needs $1

      DB   : From experience, money is never enough, nobody complains if
               they get more, the more the merrier.

      BCP  : That's greed is it not ? But your problem is no different than
             mine if we put it in the right time prospective.

             I have only $10 now and I'll do my best to meet my immediate,
             needs one of which is to have the right fare home. You may  
             have already saved close to S$100,000 from your hard toil to
             meet future needs but both of us may just have more than
             enough monies right now.

      DB    : How is that so?

      BCP   : Assuming if we go to bed later tonight, and I still have the
              $10 in my wallet and you the S$100,000 in fixed deposit with
              the bank

              For instance, if deep in our sleep and we suddenly see Amida Buddha and
              his grand entourage of 25 of our favourite boddhisattvas
              appearing before us and tells us it's time to join him for
              his Dharma talks in Pureland.

              Both of us cannot hesitate to leave the sufferings of this
              world and we so follow Amida Buddha to Pureland tonight.

              Of course, we should be found dead and departed tomorrow by
              tomorrow morning.

              Frankly, my $10 and your $100,000 would be more than enough
              as leftovers for this lifetime...

      Afterwhich, we both ended the conversation with a good laugh.

      Knowing the transient nature of things, impermanence. It makes good sense to first live happily in the present, work diligently and accumulate real wealth and use it wisely for the unpredictable future. Quit worrying about money not enough, money is usually enough for this life time!

      In Metta,
      Alan (BigCuPorridge)

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