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Digest #10 : 3 Cups & a Ball

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    Zeph&Frens Digest #10 __________________________________ THREE CUPS & A BALL When I was a young man and in the Navy, I got to see my first cup and ball scam.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2000
      Zeph&Frens Digest #10

      When I was a young man and in the Navy, I got to see my first "cup and ball
      scam." This is where a guy on the street has a TV tray with a piece of wood
      on it covered by some cloth to form a smooth surface. Now on this he has
      three upside down cups. Now what he does is put the ball under one of the
      cups and then slides the cups
      around. Now if you can guess under what cup the ball is under, you win.

      Yeah, I'M sure most of us know this scam, but when you see it, you think,
      "Heh, I can scam the scammers.cause ill just pick the cup that I know its
      not under. So we get caught up in it.but we lose.
      I was told by my Roshi that "I had Buddha-nature. I was Buddha, but did not
      know it." So I was under the impression that I was going to find this Buddha
      that was someplace in me.

      So I looked very hard within. Finding nothing there at I figured if I did
      all of the sitting and chanting like a good Zen Center person, I may get a
      clue. I did that for a number of years, only to realize that the only thing
      I learned was how to chant and sit still for 40 minutes.

      I decided that perhaps I needed to study the Sutras and read all of the
      works by the great Zen Masters. Some of the Sutras where hard to read and
      understand, it was like trying to eat rocks. The writings of the Zen masters
      are poetic but not much help in the long run. All I learned from that was
      that there are a hell of a lot of ideas about what Zen and Buddhism is, and
      that is probably half of the problem.

      So I ended up walking away from it all. I said goodbye to my Roshi and
      farewell to my friends at the Zen Center. It was then, when I was no longer
      playing did I win what I was looking for, being a understanding who I truly
      Those who meet the man at the corner who makes the ball and cup game look
      easy only win by walking away. It's a game where you will lose at level,
      because you are setup to loose.

      In the Zen Center, like the ball and cup, you are setup to loose at ever
      turn. Yet, how funny it is that when a person has the strength to walk away
      from what seems to be an easy game, is when they really win.

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