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The Notorious Five (Buddhism in Daily Life)

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    ... For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... The Notorious Five (Buddhism in Daily Life) The following is fictional. Scene 1 Once upon a time, in the distant Land
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      The Notorious Five (Buddhism in Daily Life)

      The following is fictional.

      Scene 1

      Once upon a time, in the distant Land of Sins, lived 5 notorious brothers. They were all disciples of Mara and were each master of their own vice.


      The eldest brother was known as the King of Death. He was endowed with the darkest form of black magic. His curse could put any living being within 10 meters circumference to death instantly. He knew no patience and was highly irritable. No one dared to come across his path, less to say offend him.

      “Hahaha!!! Powerful is my concentration! I am the King of Death!”


      The second eldest brother was the King of Theft. He had the longest fingers that moved even faster than lightning. There was nothing that could escape his merciless fingers. He would get hold of whatever pleased him, without the victims feeling anything in the act. Nobody could accuse him for he hid his loots so well no evidence could be produced

      “Hahaha!!! Agile are my fingers! I am the King of Theft!”


      The third eldest brother was the King of Lies. He was so eloquent and convincing in his speech that his words made the world go round. Everyone believed him more than even their own spouse or parents. His lies spread like fire and created massive destruction with misunderstanding, conflicts and wars.

      “Hahaha!!! Eloquent is my speech! I am the King of Lies!”


      The second youngest brother was the King of Lust. He was blessed with such gorgeous looks and romantic manners that no girl whom he enticed could escape his lust. He would say, “I am drowning in your deep blue eyes, the ocean of eternal love”; “Your eyes are the windows to your soul that captivates my heart so”. No girl could escape his web of lust.

      “Hahaha!!! Charming are my looks! I am the King of Lust!”


      The youngest brother was the King of Drugs. He loved to experiment with his psyche and consciousness with various drug concoctions. He promised others of reaching different states of fantasies with his inventions. His goal was to get them addicted to his drugs so that he could control their mind.

      “Hahaha!!! I am the Master of the Mind! I am the King of Drugs!”


      The combined powers of the notorious five shrouded and dominated the Land of Sins.

      “Hahaha!!! The law could not get us! We are omnipotent! We can conquer the world!”


      Scene 2

      The citizens were suffering in great misery yet they could not escape, for escape meant defiance which would mean death. They had no earnings and possessions, no trust for each other, no happy family and no control of their own mind and lives.


      “Please lift us of this evil spell! Oh how suffering! We vow to refrain from all evils, as we now understand how tormenting they are to the victims!”


      The cries and vows of the people touched the Goddess of Compassion.


      “I will send the rain of purification. Whoever touches the raindrops and harbors any sin will have a dream tonight.” With that, the Land of Sins was bombarded with the heaviest downpour in its history.


      That night, the notorious five went into a strange dream.


      The notorious five were lost in a foggy land. Suddenly, there was an opening in the thick fog. The words “The Jury of Rebirth and Karma” beamed at them.


      “What’s that!!!” The notorious five retreated in fright.


      A stern-looking, egg-headed man appeared and reported monotonously, “Welcome to the transit station between the past and future lives. Where you will go is where you have been heading; who you will be is who you have been; what you will gain is what you have put in; what you will return is what you have taken.


      “Your state of Rebirth will depend on your Karma account. Accessing account… Account activated.


      “The King of Death, Enter…You owe 1000 human lives and 1000 million animal lives in your account. As your debt is too heavy you can only choose to pay in installments. You will be rebornt 1000 times as humans and 1000 million times as animals only to be murdered or slaughtered each time. Your account will be cleared after all your rebirths. Because you abused your concentration powers, you will not be able to concentrate on anything in all your 1000 million lives.”


      “What!!! This is not fair. Hey wait a minute, let me explain….. Aaaaaahhhhhh………!”

      Before the King of Death could finish, he was suck in by a black hole.


      “Mission completed!”


      “The King of Theft, Enter...You owe in cash 80,000 billion Sins Dollars, and in goods worth of 12,000 billion Sins Dollars. You will be rebornt poor 100 times and robbed or pick-pocketed in another 100 lives. Because you abused the agility of your fingers, you will be rebornt without fingers or handicapped for another 100 lives.”


      “Hey!!! What logic! Wait up….. Aaaaaahhhhhh………!”

      Before the King of Theft could finish, he was suck in by another black hole.


      “Mission completed!”


      “The King of Lies, Enter...You caused massive destruction with your evil words and framed countless others. You will be wronged or framed in 100 lives. Because you abused the eloquency of your speech you will be rebornt deaf and mute for another 100 lives.”


      “Gosh!!! This cannot be true! You must be joking….. Aaaaaahhhhhh………!”

      Before the King of Lies could finish, he was suck in by another black hole.


      “Mission completed!”


      “The King of Lust, Enter...You caused 1000 families to breakup and broke another 1000 girls’ hearts, eventually causing 888 girls to commit suicide. You will be cheated or abused by your partner in 100 lives. Because you abused your charm you will be rebornt ugly, awkward and with skin diseases for another 100 lives.”


      “Who?? Me?? You are talking about me???….. Aaaaaahhhhhh………!”

      Before the King of Lust could finish, he was suck in by another black hole.


      “Mission completed!”


      “The King of Drugs, Enter...You did not treasure the potential of a pure and wholesome mind and even destroyed and polluted the mind of 10,000 others. You will not receive the proper teaching of wisdom in 100 lives and will be rebornt retarded for another 100 lives.”


      “Huh?? I wanna lodge a complaint???….. Aaaaaahhhhhh………!”

      Before the King of Drugs could finish, he was suck in by another black hole.


      “Mission completed! Program terminated!”


      Scene 3

      Startled, the notorious five woke up, panting, sweating and swallowing hard.

      “I have the weirdest dream, it is so scary and it is almost real!” they exclaimed simultaneously.


      After relating to each other, they realized that they all had the same dream!

      “This could not be a dream!”

      “It is too much coincidence to be a dream!”

      “We must have traveled to our future.”

      “Or to another dimension!”

      “This must be a message!”


      Finally they reached a consensus.

      “We must reflect upon our past deeds and behavior.”

      “It must have been causing too much suffering to others.”

      “Just like we reap the fruits that we sow, our karmic consequence will come back to us.”

      “We are endowed with high concentration, agility, eloquency, charm, and mind potential…”

      “..yet we have been using our talents and blessings the wrong way!”


      “It is not too late to turn back!”
      ”From now on, we are going to utilize our strengths for the benefits of all sentient beings.”

      “We will dilute our past sins and accumulate good merits.”

      “We must be wholesome and pure for a good future!”

      “We must keep the five precepts!”

      “Thou shalt abstain from killing.”

      “Thou shalt abstain from stealing.”

      “Thou shalt abstain from lying.”

      “Thou shalt abstain from sexual misconduct.”

      “Thou shalt abstain from taking drugs.”


      From then on, the notorious five went around doing good and purifying others’ mind.

      The King of Death is now known as The King of Hope;

      The King of Theft as The King of Charity;

      The King of Lies as The King of Mild and Sincere Speech;

      The King of Lust as The King of Faithfulness;

      The King of Drugs as The King of Pure Mind.

      Together, they are now known as The Famous Five! 


      THE END

       -Dhammika (Serene) Ang

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