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How to Receive Insult

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      How to Receive Insult

      On one occasion, the Buddha was invited by the Brahmin Bharadvaja for alms to his house. As invited, the Buddha visited the house of the Brahmin. Instead of entertaining Him, the Brahmin poured forth a torrent of abuse with the filthiest of words. The Buddha politely inquired"

      "Do visitors come to your house, good Brahmin?"
      "Yes," he replied.
      "What do yu do when they come?"
      "Oh, we prepare a sumptuous feast."
      "What do you if they refuse to receive the meal?"
      "Why, we gladly partake of them ourselves."

      "Well, good Brahmin, you have invited me for alms and entertained me with abuse which I decline to accept. So now it belongs to you."

      The Buddha did not retaliate but politely gave back what the Brahmin had given Him. Retaliate not, the Buddha advised. "Hatred does not cease through hatred but through love alone they cease."

      -From the Akkosa Sutta | pic:niu.edu

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