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Perceiving Reality (of Mountains & Rivers)

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      Perceiving Reality (of Mountains & Rivers)

      There is a famous Buddhist saying:
      First mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers. (1)
      The mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers. (2)
      In the end mountains are again mountains and rivers are again rivers. (3)

      This describes the three stages of practice:
      (1) Before practice, practitioners may appear intelligent.
           They discriminate with a mind of attachment.
      (2) The second stage refers to people who are practising diligently. At that time, 
           they would not be able to make clear distinctions between this and that
           and indeed they would appear dull or stupid to an outside observer.
      (3) The third stage describes enlightenment 
           and once again practioners clearly discriminate.
      The difference between the first and third stage is this:

      In the first stage people still have a sense of self.
      In the third stage there is no more attachment to self.

      -Chan Master Sheng Yen (Zen Wisdom) pic:tropical-island.de

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