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Courage for Compassion

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  • [PKS Web] shian
    This gruesome video is to discourage you from supporting fur products: http://myweb.hinet.net/home8/drcolin/fur.wmv
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2005

      This gruesome video is to discourage you from supporting fur products:   
      Do you dare watch it? 

      Animals who end up as meat often suffer the same or more -
      during their hellish lives before slaughter.  

      Only when we muster our courage
      to comprehend the suffering of others,
      can we truly awaken our compassion
      and help it grow.
      Please visit: 


      www.MeetYourMeat.com | www.VegetarianStarterKit.com
      www.FurIsDead.com | www.Vegetarian-Society.org (S'pore)

        For our animal friends, please
       forward this to your friends.
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