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#11 : Plenty of Room

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    ZEPH & FRENS #11 _________________________ Plenty of Room Zeph enjoys space, the vast emptiness of it. Maybe that s why he isn t so materialistic! Most of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2000
      ZEPH & FRENS #11
      Plenty of Room

      Zeph enjoys space, the vast emptiness of it. Maybe that's why he isn't so
      materialistic! Most of the time, he eats in the hall, reads in the hall,
      writes in the hall, thinks in the hall... It amuses him that he spends
      almost all of his time at home in the hall. He thought:

      "I live in the biggest room of the house (executive apartment flat
      actually!)- the Living Room. I live in it. It is the most spacious and
      'luxurious' room. It has a TV, a couch that can also be a bed, a phone, a
      laptop, easy access to the door, the kitchen, balcony and bathroom... the
      Mother of all Rooms- where all other rooms extend from! This Living Room is
      where I LIVE!"

      This is better than my small congested room. A room with its door locked- a
      closed self-contained private universe where I used to do things secretly
      and thinks secret thoughts. He had grown out of that. A secret kept, or
      privacy needed, is like a burden, a tension- sometimes almost an evil. Zeph-
      is the boy who is curious about everything, withholds nothing, who tries to
      learn about the truths of the world earnestly in order to help it.
      Bodhisattva Junior, who needs plenty of space to breath and maintain his
      open heart and mind. While we shape our evironment, sometimes the
      environment shapes us too. Sometimes, an environment with no definite shape
      is the best one that helps us grow spiritually in all directions. Maybe
      that's why Zeph needs to go out so often to sort out his thoughts and "air"
      his mind. Having plenty of room of the great outdoors with the great
      elements of nature is always helpful. And this whole wide infinite Universe
      has more than enough space to spare.
      Please feel free to share with us your thoughts on the above
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