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Response to "Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop?"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2005

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      Response to "Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop?"

      Hello. Good day.

      It is heartening to see people, regardless of nationalities, flocking together for a common purpose... to help the unfortunate victims of the recent Tsunami disaster, without strings attached (at least, for most of them). The will and resilience of human race to overcoming obstacles can never be imagined or underestimated.

      Yes, kindness does exist.

      We should, however, reflect upon the happenings that took place globally prior to the Tsunami disaster. What happened? Didn't we witness resurgence of SARS-alike illnesses? Didn't we see different forms of natural disasters, although occurring on a less-massive scale? Yes, all these did take place before year 2004 ended. Why did all this happen? Why? Is there anyone out there that we could blame?

      In response to nation-wide, region-wide or even world-wide disasters, we often see acts of kindness in abundance. If and only if, such kindness is practised and sustained overtime on a daily basis. If this ever happens, maybe, we will see no more of disasters. How can negative forces ever have the chance to unlease its power in an environment that is permeated with overwhelming goodness?

      Have a nice day. Amitabha...

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