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Response to "Invisible Lover"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004
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      Response to "Invisible Lover"

      Hello.  Good day.

      (1)  People are attracted to each other for various reasons...  Indeed, one person may be attracted to another person's qualities for which he or she doesn't possess.  For instance, a young man looks forward to marrying a rich woman to, perhaps, supplement his desire for wealth.  Similarly, a woman who places emphasis on looks, will naturally look for a handsome man, so say.  Intrinsically, looking for "complements" in life, isn't anything too bad, except that, one shouldn't be too obsessed with them.  When a person matures with age, he or she will gradually come to terms with reality.  Nothing is good or bad to start off with.  The most precious thing(s) that you once assumed to be, are nothing but liabilities.  Again, this happens because one can't let go.

      (2)  Well, let me fantasize for the moment.  What?  An invisible lover?  Hmmm..  what about two, what about three... [Note: I am not encouraging wrong behaviour or thinking.  It is a matter of figurative description]  Let me live for the day.  Let us all (dare to) dream.  Let's be visionaries.  But in time to come, may I understand life for what is it, and for what it stands.  Hopefully, by then, let me realize that life is nothing but a dream.  If I weren't careful, it is no longer a dream... it is a perpetual dream...

      Have a nice day.  Amitabha.
      Regards, JMeng

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