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3 Responses to "The Secret of the Stone / Let Babies Fall... Sometimes / Get Better or Die"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2004
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      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com
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      3 Responses to
      The Secret of the Stone / Let Babies Fall... Sometimes /
       Get Better or Die"

      1) On "The Secret of the Stone"

      The more we seek, the more we lose. A paradox? Not at all. In this modern world, knowledge is deemed as power and hence, the endless pursuit academic excellence and new ways of teaching and learning. In reality, however, knowledge is not wisdom. Skillful application of knowledge is one aspect of wisdom. However, are we endowed with wisdom or are we good at accumulating knowledge? Firstly, how much information can our brain store, without failing or lapses in memory? Secondly, how soon will such knowledge be obsolete? Therefore, the more we chase (after knowledge), the more we are expected to lose. Every now and then, something new crops up. How interesting, isn't it? Then, what's they key? The answer?  Harness and integrate one's knowledge for a seamless WHOLESOME purpose. An unobstructed mind understands all things. So, what are we waiting for? LET GO... ...


      On "Let Babies Fall... Sometimes"

      In short, apply the right medication in accordance to one's illness. For that matter of fact, even if an injection hurts, it has to be given, should the situation warrant it. Having said that, balance it with a dosage of benevolence. Otherwise, a "fallen" baby may bear grudges (after all, we are humans, right?).


      On "Get Better or Die"

      this is my personal opinion. the moral of this article is: if you can get better,you get less pain and feel more comfortable and happy. if not, death will come naturally and end suffering for this life. which ever way, it's still good.

      i have been sicked for 4 years, went for 3 operations and still unwell. sometimes, i ask myself: "it's either I get better and live well, or die". we should just try our best to be well and let karma unfold. when a person dies, all suffering (for this life) also end. nothing on earth is permanent, whether it is happiness or sufferings. thank you for sharing this article.


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