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The Wish of Wishlessness

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  • NamoAmituofo
    The Wish of Wishlessness Ask me what I want, and it is Not to want. I don t want three little wishes; what I need are fewer wishes. Having this, I want
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2004
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      The Wish of Wishlessness

      Ask me what I want,
      and it is "Not to want."
      I don't want three little wishes;
      what I need are fewer wishes.

      Having this, I want another.
      Getting that, I want some other.
      How unfulfilling this endless wanting!
      How disgusting this trap of yearning!

      Why drink sea water to quench thirst,
      when salted water only feeds your thirst?
      With pure water wash away,
      all the saltiness in the way.

      But "What about pleasures?" you may ask.
      Those from wanting never really last.
      Feel nice scratching a beckoning itch?
      Nicer still is not having an itch!

      But for no desire at all, can one desire at all?
      Is there any way out of this at all?
      There's desire that feeds its own fire,
      and that which leads to desire's expire.

      So what do you truly want, my friend?
      Just how sure are you that it will ever end?
      Out you go then, craving's fire!
      For Nirvana's cool, let's all aspire.

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