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3 Responses to "The Myth of the Moon"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2004

      I am one of those who heard about getting cuts if we point at the moon. Sure I feared it when I was younger.  However later when I was a teenager, I questioned it and started pointing at the moon challenging friends.  The cut did not happen. Now when I teach my children to identify the moon, I show them the moon by pointing at it. No cuts to anyone of us (including my children). So perhaps there wasn't any cuts because we did not believe it. For my children perhaps their ears were not cut because they did not know about it.
      Yes.... certainly believe the world as we experience it is the manifestations of our mind, of our attachment to SELF. We are here because we are SELF-ish/SELF-centred.
      With Metta, Tony

      Hello. Good day.

      Self-fulfilling prophecy is indeed powerful. Several years back, some European researchers commissioned a study on "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy", targetting at tribal people. The researchers discovered the unbelievable impact of self-fulfilling prophecy. For instance, once a person believed that he or she was under an evil curse, the incumbent literally passed away, not more than 24 hours! How to explain this?  Evil at work? Outer or inner evil? 

      The Buddha had taught us to respect living beings in other realms including Ghosts and Demons, literally put. However, one should give due respect but not to be transfixed on these living beings. Respectful does not mean fearful. We control our own minds and consciousness. We shouldn't let our minds be controlled or manipulated by external forces, or our inner defilements.

      Have a nice day ahead, Amitabha.
      Regards, JMeng

      I have such experience before as a young boy when I was told not to point at the moon and pee at night outside in full moon. After I did it, I was warned of this legend by my parent. 
      At night while half asleep and was almost falling into deep sleep, I "saw" or "dreamt" a god-like being with a sabre floating in through the window on cloud and gently made a small cut behind one of my ears. When I woke up the next morning,indeed there was a cut behind my ear.

      Dream or fact due to my own mind-power? I leave it to you to decide.
      With Metta, KHeng

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