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2 Responses to "Money Under a Stranger's Shoe"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2004
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      2 Responses to "Money Under a Stranger's Shoe"


      What is not mine, I shall not take.  Isn't this one of the percepts?  Yes it is indeed.  Regardless how big or small the amount is, I would still not take it for myself, even though I am aware of its existence on the road.

      However, suppose there was a piece of $1000 note on the road and if the rightful owner is no where to be found, would it be wrong if I had picked it up and donate the money to needy charity? Please advise.  What if the rightful owner returned later to look for the money which may be significantly needy for him/her in some crisis or something. This is my only doubt.


      My suggestion is to stay in the area for one full day to see if anyone comes to look for the money. If not, I'll publish a simple ad in the papers seeking the owner of an undisclosed amount of money found on XYZ road. If there is no reply after a reasonable period of time, I'll donate it for Dharma activities (yes, charity), such as printing of Dharma books - so as to use the money to share the greatest gift - the gift of truth, for the long term benefit of others. Well, sometimes, to do the right thing, we need to go the extra mile :-]


      Hello. Good day. I agree without reservation, the statement, "constantly challenging ourselves, by actively doing more good than we usually do".  In fact, this is one of the ultimate self-cultivation challenges, particularly so, in view of our high-pressured society.

      For those who want to practise self-cultivation via
      (i) performance of good deeds, being
      (ii) being kind and considerate, etc,

      I have two pointers for comtemplation, if you will.

      (1)   To what extent are you willing to fulfill them? 
             Are you willing to sacrifice?  
             Have you set a tolerance level?
      (2)   Can you persist from now until indefinite?

      Personally, I feel that "Heart" is the most difficult to manage, as the Buddhist saying goes, "Yi Qie Wei Xin Zao" [literal translation - everything is created by the mind/heart].  So, have you managed your "Heart" already?  If not, how do you intend to do so?

      Have a nice day. Amitabha.
      Regards, J.Meng

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