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2 Responses to "Sweet Child 'O Mine?"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004

      2 Responses to "Sweet Child O' Mine"

      Dear Shian
      Thank you for sharing with us your views on child-bearing. During my childhood and adolescene, I did not ask my parents why I was born.  That question did not occur to me. After I reached the age of 30,  I begin to see myself as a result of the love that exists between my parents.  Whenever I see my parents exchange gestures of love, I feel blessed that I am a child of love. I am fortunate to have received the kind of parental love that nurtures a person's spiritual growth.  For this I am grateful, and I affirm good health and happiness for my parents. As far as possible, I do not wish to judge my parents' shortcomings. It's better to accept them for who they are. 
      One of the common reasons cited for getting married and having children is the fear of loneliness if one is left single without any companion during the autumn years.  Most people tend to regard those who are unmarried or childless as being "hopelessly condemned" to a life of loneliness and unfulfilment. Such sentiments make marriage look more like an investment of self-interest rather than an act of love. They miss the bigger picture as to whether an individual has succeeded in cultivating a good heart during one's lifetime as a human being. 
      The human mind tends to judge others constantly. Often, the ego is critical towards those who do not live up to its ideals and expectations. Let us not judge others for their decision whether or not to have a child. All sentient beings (good and bad, young and old) possess the Buddha nature. A more productive way of living is to examine ourselves whether we have performed well in our role either as a parent, son or daughter.
      I give praise to all parents for their efforts in looking after the welfare of their children, and I am especially grateful to the parents of our Dhamma teachers whose guidance has benefited us immensely.
      Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!
      With Metta,Lotus

      Hello. Good morning. Just a couple of 'layman's thoughts on this issue.

      Well, if one loves children, why not bring them to this world? Indeed, there are many reasons to having children, some selfish and some noble.  At the end of the day, the couple that brings the child to this world, have to love him (though not blindly) and don't expect anything in return.  For one never know whether the birth of a child is to (i) repay a previous life's debt or to (ii) claim unsettled obligations.  Before having children, do know the responsibilities of parenting and most importantly, knowing that you would love him or her for what he or she is.

      Amitabha. Regards, Jee Meng

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