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Kill Bill Vol. 2 ~ Dharma-Inspired Movie Review

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    ... For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... Dharma-Inspired Movie Review: Kill Bill Vol. 2 Let s Call Off the Kill Bill Plot Outline: The Bride continues her
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2004
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      Dharma-Inspired Movie Review: Kill Bill Vol. 2

      Let's Call Off the Kill Bill


      Plot Outline:
      The Bride continues her vengeance quest against her ex-boss, Bill, and his associates.

      Well, for Dharma reflection's sake, here is what I have to say... [Warning: Spoilers ahead!] I think Kiddo (Beatrix played by Uma Thurman) should not have killed Bill. Why? Because he brought up her kiddo (BB) lovingly, while waiting for her to awake, while never sowing discord in between. It was a clear case of miscommunication (plus lots of anger, jealousy, yadda yadda...) on both sides. But Kiddo could not let go the grudge even after knowing the truth.

      Well... what are the consequences of Kiddo's bloody rampage by the end of Vol. 2 despite having killed Bill? Rumour is out that there will be Vol. 3. Hey! Is this not the bride's "final cut"? There will be revenge... grudges beared by villians and their offspring left alive... Imagine living your life fretting vengeance being inflicted by strangers upon you any time... Hell! Karmically, will she who lives by the sword die by the sword... or worse? Let's call off the kill bill on both sides. Let there be no personal grudges or wars. Let there be no bloodshed anywhere. A true truce please! We don't need another bloody Vol. 3.

      Let me leave you with some oft-quoted quotes below, inspired by the above:

      "Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world;
      by non-hatred (love) alone is hatred appeased.
      This is an eternal law."

      "Victory begets enmity while the defeated dwell in pain.
      Happily the peaceful live, having discarded both victory and defeat."

      -The Buddha (The Dhammapada)


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