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2 Responses to "The True Meaning of Spiritual Friendship"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 8, 2004

      2 Responses to "The True Meaning of Spiritual Friendship"

      Thank you for today's (2 April) message. I recall a boy in high school whom everybody thought arrogant. Turns out,he was just shy. When I got to know him, he was a spiritual friend indeed. Thank you for your inspiring messages. 


      Dear Readers of The Daily Enlightenment,
      On a spiritual level, every relationship we have is about how we relate ourselves to the Dhamma.  Having skillful means of communication, warmth, sincerity and open-heartedness- these are expressions of the Higher Self.  The ego, on the contrary, is often associated with having negative preconceived assumptions about others. Sometimes, we think ourselves as being more intelligent, kind hearted and spiritually evolved than others. We let our ignorance, pride, suspicion and envy get in the way.
      Friendship comes as a gift. Just as it is given freely, it also moves away freely. Sometimes, when people drift apart, they blame their circumstances, or simply wait for the other party to rekindle the friendship. Some try to find the meaning for what has happened.  If the friendship is beyond repair, it is best to let it go and bless the person to pursue his or her own happiness.  There is no use in holding onto further pain and resentment. Be glad that the friendship had come to live for a moment in your life, and that you both have shared some good times. 
      The most important thing is to keep an open heart of wisdom and compassion.  
      With Metta, Lotus

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