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Response to "More than Black, White, Red & Emerald Green"

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      Response to "More than Black, White, Red & Emerald Green"

      Bright Starts Baby Crib Mirror - Kids II
      Hello. Good morning.

      Social scientists and/or behavioural scientists have largely attributed life's experiences including the way we were bought up, our environment, etc, as the instrumental factor influencing one's perceptions.  This is, of course, a very logical and scientific way of explaining a very complex topic.  But coming from a Buddhist perspective, one's perceptions (at different life stages) are inevitably shaped by one's karma.  This is an aspect, which "defies" conventional scientific explanation.  Indeed, lay people are not enlightened because their eyes are literally "tainted" by their own karmic influences.

      Somewhat abstract... but think about this, "As long as we continue to perceive things and events with a discriminating mind, we remain un-enlightened".  Through critical thinking and reasoning, we may become a quick or fast thinker.  Perhaps, much wiser than ever, as our train of thought develops.  Paradoxically, however, we may not even move progressively along the enlightenment path.  Why?  Simply because we chose to discriminate in excess without wisdom, failing to see things as they really are.

      Have a nice day... Amitabha...
      Regards, Jee Meng
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