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10 Responses to "What Got in Your Way"

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  • NamoAmituofo
    For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... Replies to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zeph/message/429 ... 10 Responses to What Got in Your Way? ... Very useful
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 19, 2004
      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com

      Replies to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zeph/message/429

      10 Responses to "What Got in Your Way?"

      Very useful indeed. Thought provoking

      Mind makes everything you make difficult or easy make easy. 
      Your mind got in your way.
      -Mu Shim

      Yes, human perception is a mirror; not a fact.
      -Mary Hennings

      Reading your story it made me realised that I have been "guilty" too. Yesterday when I was at the Food Fare at Suntec City, I was saw 4 seats at a square table. 2 of them were occupied by a couple in their 40's while the other were"Chooped" (booked informally) by two invisible people. I grumbled to them of the attitude of the invisible people. But later on when I got the 2 seats, I had to "jaga" (guard) my friend's seat while she went to buy food for me because I was quite loaded with 4 bags of Veg foodstuffs. It now strikes me that I was not very different from the 2 invisible people. Thank you for your enlightening story. It really serves as a good reminder. Next time I will not pass such commemts again.


      This is a lovely story - no need for an explanation afterwards - it was very clear and made a very good
      point about ego.
      www.thedailyenlightenment.com is back on track - keep up the good work.

      -Lots of love, Ren

      The old lady was Kwan Se Um Bosal (Guanyin Bodhisattva) in manifestation! Her "so-called ungracious" act of blocking Shian's way that day... prompted Shian to write a dharma article and gave all the web readers a great teaching. Only a very high class Bodhisattva can just yell in order to teach others. :-P

      What we see in others, are nothing more than a reflection of our own mind ;-) So thank you old lady and thank you Shian. Thank you Kwan Se Um Bosal who has a thousand eyes and a thousand hands, please look after everyone where ever they are.

      -Xin Qiang

      Since we are unenlightened, people tend to take 'everything' for granted. We always complain of everything. That's why we are always suffering from 'things' we are looking at and forget the Teachings of the Buddha to look at ourselves.
      -regards, nancy 

      Hello. Good afternoon. One simple illustration, yet encompasses several interesting points of reflection.  Well, let me build on one of the points.  This sentence is meaningful, "The very moment we find fault in others, we lose vigilance in guarding our own deeds - and might end up as "faulty", if not more, than the ones we criticise".  Let me tell a short story, which is adapted from a comic book.

      Four monks decided on one night that they should test their power of concentration and ability to keep silence. The test?  Within the time frame of a lighted candle, none should utter a singe word.  Of course, any one that 'violates' this, is deemed to have failed the test. Unfortunately, that night was very windy.  The flickering candle caused much discomfort to the 4 monks. The first monk said, "Hey, it is too windy."
      The second monk immediately followed, "Yes, the candle will be extinguished soon." The third monk exclaimed, "Hey!  Aren't we suppose to remain silent?  Why are the two of you talking?" All the three monks realised that they have "failed" the test and at this juncture, they heard a loud laughter.  It came from the fourth monk. The fourth monk said, "See?  I am the best.  I never talk at all.  Ha... I won." Well, well, the candle is still burning... ...

      Yet another short story on ego... One day, a General walked into a Zen monastery and said to an enlightened Zen Master, "Here, I am, all ready to let go.  I am prepared for Zen." Without looking at the General, the Master merely uttered, "Hmmm... I overheard that the General wife is happy that her husband is away.   She would have more time for her childhood sweetheart then." The General exclaimed, "WHAT?  WHO said this?" As the General, red with fury, drew his sword, the Master said, "You are, as I see, not ready yet."

      Have a nice day, Amitabha. Regards, Jee Meng

      Thanks for putting up such wonderful articles. If only every person on earth know about this thinking, we will have a wonderful world. But then again, even if we know doesn't mean we can do it. I am a living example! I am learning, learning to control my anger, desire and in this case my ego, I know, but can I just change it? No, for it takes more then that. Slowly while I learn, I find there are more to controlling, what we are today is very much due to where we came from, how we were brought up and what have we gone through, and of cause, there's also our karma. What we came from is infuencing our body chemistry, which is influencing the pattern of our thinking and emotion. Do we get angry easily? Do we feel unworthy? Do we feel sad all the time? Or do we feel happy most of the time? These are all influenced by our body chemistry. If we are living in a deprived condition for a long enough period, or even just living under strict parents for that matter, our body chemistry will developed in such a way that would make us feel unworthy, or angry, or depress etc, and these in turn, is governing how we would react to other espect of our lives.. according to the chemistry pattern. Personally these are what create misunderstandings, fights and wars.
      I don't know if I am making sense, and I don't have scientific proof as to what I am talking about here, but these are what I've learnt so far, that a person's reaction, behaviour, and emotion are not something that we thought we can just control or pressed down. Why certain people get angry easily? Why certain people are selfish? Why certain people are more demanding? There must be a story behind them all that made them like that.
      So what I've learnt is, reading and learning about ourselves and the truth is the foremost important thing to do, and changing the body chemistry is something we should also pay attention to. And how? Meditation. And some help from a cousellor is very useful, and if you are willing, taking some substance to deal with out body chemistry is also big help, stuff like vitamin B and chinese medication are good.
      -Take care, jo

      Editor: Well, our mind and body is interrelated as long as we are not free of life and death. Our mind affects the body (and environment) and the body (and environment) affects the mind. But don't worry - mind over matter! The mind is the prime-mover and the turning point. So be master of mind, not mastered by mind.

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