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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2004
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      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com

      Replies to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zeph/message/427

      4 Responses to "4 Random Reflections"

      Original article in black by shian. Comments in blue by jmchen:

      You will always know when you are blocked by people in your path. But unless you are mindful enough or if someone lets you know, you will never know when you block others behind you. As readily as you forgive yourself for unknowingly blocking others, so too should you readily forgive others for blocking you.

      "Blocks" are obstacles in one's life. Generally speaking, most cannot (yet) escape life's obstacles, as they are the result of past and present life karmic influences. Take them positively [although some obstacles are
      really hard to "swallow"]. Treat them as challenges that polish one's attitude and character.

      Don't grow to distrust the "crap" that life dishes you, but grow to trust that karmically, you did the crappy to deserve crap. Cold but true. If you choose to blame others, how does that make you any happier? If you would rather believe in chance, then there is no one to blame. It's better to reflect on yourself then.

      Whatever events that unfold, there are always reasons behind them. However, we might not totally understand the inherent cause and effect. Indeed, complain and lament, if you will. But does that make you happier? The world doesn't stop revolving because of one's complaints. Move on, pal.

      There is only one ultimate act of generosity that opens the floodgates of limitless generosity - offering yourself - giving up your illusion of self - ending selfishness - so that you can be of selfless service to all.

      It takes a great good deal of courage to end selfishness. As society "develops", it is getting difficult to achieve ultimate generosity. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that we should stop trying. The society will become a better place if each and everyone of us contribute a "little bit" of generosity. It is "contagious".
      Greed for Speed

      Flugg's Law: The slowest checker is always at the quick-checkout lane.
      Zeph's Law of Speed: Any human-conceived shortcut is often the long-cut in the long run.

      The rule is "10 items or less only" for the checkout counter. But somehow, the queue there tends to be one of the longest - because everyone wants speed - which makes the normal lines ironically faster at times. Everyone wants to take the highway, so everyone clogs it up together. A person might be queuing with more than 10 items... with his family or friends cutting in later to divide the load by 10 when it's his turn. The complexity of imperfect human behaviour and greed always make imperfect human-made rules useless to some extent.

      I was dicussing this with Zlyrica, who had a preconceived idea that the quick-checkout lane should be the shortest and fastest. The truth is out - the speed lane is not always the speediest - especially during peak hours, when it ironically should be the speediest. Likewise, any human-conceived shortcut is often the long-cut in the long run. This is the world of chaos created by greed. But the universe's karmic way of balancing the problem is that greed for speed will eventually hamper the speed which the greed was after in the first place.

      A truth in the above paradox. The seemingly "fast" is always "slow". Interestingly, we see this happening all the time, don't we? Singaporeans being "kiasu" would always try to be the fastest or earliest. Hey, here comes the F4 concert! Let me reach the ticketing booth at 5:00 a.m. in the morning and be the first one! Wait a minute! The queue had started to form 5 days earlier!

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