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4 New Responses to "The Animals' Fault or Ours"

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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2004
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       New Responses on "The Animals' Fault or Ours"

      Response 1

      When there is a major disease among human, the medical crew work hard to find a cure. Kudos to them, and we appreciate their hard work. However, why can't they search and develop a cure, for the disease occurred among other living beings, instead of mass killing them? They all have a chance to live, they all have right to live on. Who are we to decide that all the chickens should not live just because one of them is infected? We are all one species, we all share a home. The species is called living beings, the home is called the Earth. We can treat everyone equally, we have to treat each other fairly. This will save the lives of billions of chicken, and this will also prevent the diseases from spreading.

      Wan Xin


      We are sometimes other's unseen angel, we are sometimes other's devils.
      Others sometimes can be devil, but others sometimes too can be our unseen angels.

      Response 2

      The medias coverage of the bird flu is rather misleading as it gives the public the impression that culling is deemed the only effective method to prevent the spread of avian flu.  What I witnessed on television is abject cruelty towards animals. Violence is depicted in news footage of adults clubbing defenseless chickens with poles and crushing the chickens with their bare feet.  The young ought to be reminded that mass killing of animals has never and will never ever solve problems faced by humans in the long term.  A better way to address the bird flu is to investigate living conditions of the chickens and the feed given to them. 

      Here some food for thought.  When we ingest food derived from animals, we are indirectly assimilating the karmic presence of these animals.  The animals flesh are saturated with toxins due to the stress hormones released during the trauma they experienced at the time of their slaughter.  People who turn to vegetarianism as a way of living usually report a greater sense of calmness and well-being when they stop their consumption of meat.  On the contrary, the excessive eating of meat and processed food is often the main culprit for heart diseases and cancer.


      On a positive note, let us take this opportunity to practice the first precept in Buddhism, i.e. to abstain from killing and to act for the welfare of all living beings.  Animals are part of the community that populate this place which we call Earth.  Like us, animals experience the same joy for living and fear of pain.


      May all living beings experience good health and happiness.

      With Metta, Lotus

      Response 3

      Though i am not a resident in pulau Ubin but was upset on the government decision to kill the animals in order to play safe on this 'Bird Flu' case.  I have the feeling that they just want to do a "fast & quick job" and save the trouble of giving the chickens things like injection or health check.
      I remember that saw this old lady in the TV weeping when they take away her chickens. It pains her in the hearts as her chickens is in danger (running for their life) and there is nothing she can do to help them.  Maybe to the others they are just chickens but to her it is like her children as she feed them everyday. There is so much fond memories between them.
      We, humans are so selfish.  During the SARS times, we try our very best to save those "suspected case" and what if we did the same to them just like the chickens. Kill them before it spread out?
      I don't know whether it is due to the thinking buried in our minds that humans belong to the "upper class" while animals is the "lower class". If this is so, then our mistake has caused so much suffering and misfortune to them. And what makes us think that we are the ones who decide their fate?
      I hope that before anyone take another bite of chicken wing or whatever, think of the suffering they have gone through. You will feel the guiltiness in your heart and will let go gradually.... Although it may not works on everyone but at least it works on me.

      -Sin Yee

      Response 4

      Man is known to be heartless and cruel since when? When the person is down with SARS, measures were taken to quarantee the sick from the well, similarly, when the bird is sick, why can't we isolate them and cure them until they recover? Calling all the vets, do you guys also have your views as well.

      When birdflu first started in Hong Kong, the government initiated and solved the problem by killing thousands of innocent chickens, let us ask ourselves, is this the one and only measures to prevent the spread of birdflu.

      Everyone is hoping that SARS will not return, don't they think birds wish to be infected with birdflu as well. Birds and any other creatures also have a choice to voice their rights, I can hear them begging "Please be kind to me, I am just an innocent creature reborn into this world as you human beings, I may not be able
      to communicate, but, I too have feelings
      and I am WARM-BLOODED". (though cold-blooded lifeforms are sentient too.)

      May all the innocent birds be born into a peaceful and kind world in their next life.

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