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[zeph] Re: enlightenment, interrupted

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  • !Namo@mituofO!
    Hi Chris & Frens, ... Metta:shian Just caught the movie girl, interrupted . which brings to mind that madness may just be a very relative and subjective
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 8, 2000
      Hi Chris & Frens,
      --- As long as we have yet to awaken to the entirety of reality, we are all somewhere on the spectrum of insanity. At the end of the line is zero insanity- Enlightenment. Are we not all crazy, neurotic sentient beings to some extent as long as we are still caught up by our delusions? Spiritual practice is thus about moving to the end of the line, going beyond, going ultra.
      Just caught the movie "girl, interrupted". which brings to mind that "madness" may just be a very relative and subjective term. As such, being mad/not mad is much defined by ways and norms of a society. Can a whole society be mad?  why not? and as for a madmen being enlightened, yeah, i agree with what Andrea has said, he/she would not need to questions if he/she is/ is not enlightened any longer.  In addition to that, perhaps a madman would still cling on strongly to that state of being "enlightened", whereas a truly enlightened one sees enlightenment as just another phase? 
      hmmm. hang on a minute, why am I speaking for a madman and a truly enlightened one? I am neither.  ;)
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