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5 Responses on "The Animals' Fault or Ours"

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2004
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       Responses on "The Animals' Fault or Ours"

      Response 1

      I was watching the 10pm news the other day, and I saw how the people in China and Thailand were killing the chickens. They dug a hole, they threw the chickens in, and they began stomping on them. When I saw this, somehow it reminded me of how the Nazis persecuted the Jews, and how the Japanese massacred the Chinese in Nanjing.

      Man has always been killing for thousands of years. From killing their own kind in millions in World Wars, and now, birds, cows, cats and pigs. Man has been doing the same kind of killing, the same kind of action,out of fear, for thousands of years.

      Have we evolved?

      -Kok Tong

      Response 2

      I don't believe that we need to wipe out chickens to stop bird flu. Some of them are healthy - can't we give them a chance to live?  If we take this issue across the board - kill civet cats for SARS, chickens for bird flu, cows for mad cow disease....when are we going to wipe out human beings for Aids or any other so-called human diseases? The cause of Sars is human - not civet cats - if human being restrain from consuming civet cats, Sars will not be spread to human beings likewise for mad cow disease...


      Response 3

      The mass killing of chickens or civet cats can only solve the problem for the time being.  In long term, it won't be a feasible way because after some time human beings will forget about everything and starts to kill animals for their eating pleasure. We can't possibly kill all the animals, if we are still going in this rate the animals might extinct... I hope that the government should think of other ways to solve this problem, killing is not going to solve the problem in a long term.


      Response 4

      Q: If there are no more animals, then all human beings will become vegetarians, which means the health of mankind will improve due to less toxic materials in their bodies?

      A: Interesting idea, but it is unlikely that man's craving for meat will end so easily. There might be secretly bred animals. Thus is the need to encourage less craving for meat important. We need to remember that the animals are not the problem - our craving for their meat is. Less craving for meat = less demand = less supply = less killing in long run for meat or to wipeout animals which might be infected with viruses.

      Q: The recommendation to stop eating meat is no doubt a good request. Who is going to bother to feed the animals we set set free? Which farmer will let these animals run free over their land and destroy their crops? 

      A: This is a common question. But don't worry. The truth is the world will not turn vegetarian overnight because of the global habitual craving for meat. Any reduction will be gradual, through change of man's perspective. Thus, farm animals are unlikely to be set free suddenly. Instead, their production, which is controlled by man, will be gradually reduced with dimishing demand. At the end of the day, the animals leftover, as I see, might be sold to the government animal and wild-life conservation bodies and animal rights groups which might reserve parts of the wild for them to live in harmony in. But this day is far!

      Response 5

      Let us say "Thank You" to all those chicken that was slaughter. They suffer from birdflu partly on behalf of us. They made us realise the need of compassion to the lower realms. Let's continue to show compassion to all in the six realms and may all quickly gain enlightenment in order to liberate all sentient beings.


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