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Dharma Movie Review: Stuck on You

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    ... For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... Dharma Movie Review: Stuck on You Stick Together... Without Attachment! www.stuckonyoumovie.com Tagline: Brothers who
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      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com

      Dharma Movie Review: Stuck on You

      Stick Together... Without Attachment!


      Tagline: Brothers who are stuck togther... stick together.

      This is a comedy of two conjoined brothers ("We're American, not Siamese!"), who seek independence from each other, only to realise their interdependence - beyond being physically close to each other. It reminds me of a Buddhist tale of a two-headed bird - yes, in a way, conjoined twins too! This bird is called "Gumyo" in Japanese (Chinese: Gong4 Ming4 Niao3).

      Once upon a time, there was a Gumyo. One day, the Gumyo's two heads started quarelling with each other. Out of spite, while one head was asleep, the other ate some poisoned fruit, in order to kill the other head. However, the poison killed the one common body they shared, thus destroying them both. The moral of this story is simple - because our existence is interdependent, in more ways than one, it is foolish to abandon each other, thinking we can be better off alone or that we do not need anyone or anything else to survive. "Gu" means "together", "sharing" or "with" and "Myo" means life; therefore "Gumyo" means “sharing life together”. The story of Gumyo teaches us a lesson sharing and living in harmony.

      We are all collectively like Gumyo in the sense that we are conjoined in an intricate web of interdependence. sharing the same environment, the same one Earth. Take for instance, the vegetables we eat come from seeds, sunshine, rain, earth, farmers, harvesters, transporters, sellers, buyers, cooks... We are interconnected to each other via invisible umblical cords, which nourish each other, in an incredibly tightly-knitted web. The main message I get from the movie is simple - harmony comes from realising and treasuring our interconnectedness, and suffering comes from trying to severe ties which cannot be severed (as long as we are unenlightened), and from attachment to our ties, which becomes our bondage and burden. Walking the Middle Path is practising to treasure all with no attachment to any!

      Excerpt on Interbeing (Interdependence / Dependent Origination):

      When you look deeply into a sheet of paper, and also into yourself, you will be able to touch your nature of no-birth and no-death. To be born, according to our idea, is to become something from nothing. From no one, you suddenly become someone. That is our idea of birth. But if we practice looking deeply, we see that that is a wrong idea, because nothing can become something from nothing. A sheet of paper, before it came into existence, had been something else. You can see a sheet of paper in a tree, you can see a sheet of paper in a cloud, because touching this sheet of paper with your mindfulness, you can see a cloud inside. You don’t have to be a poet in order to see that: you know that if there were no cloud there would no rain, and no tree could grow. If the tree could not grow, you could not have the sheet of paper, because this sheet of paper is made from a kind of paste made of trees. So it is sure that the cloud is in the sheet of paper, and if you try to remove the cloud, the sheet of paper will collapse. There would be no paper at all if there were no cloud. That is interbeing—the cloud is inside the paper.

      -Thich Nhat Hanh :

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