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Your Active Compassion Needed

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  • NamoAmituofo
    For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... Your Active Compassion Needed Dear Friends, In the light of the issue of bird-flu and animal culling, this is an urgent
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004

      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com

      Your Active Compassion Needed

      Dear Friends,

      In the light of the issue of bird-flu and animal culling, this is an urgent appeal for articles from you, such as the below, to the press, to raise the need for us to reflect on diet and how we view the lives of fellow animals. There is no better time. Your viewpoints are also welcomed at birdflu@... for compilation and dissemination. Please see also http://kmspks.org/articles/vege.htm for the Buddhist perspective on vegetarianism. Please help forward this mail to your friends. Thank you so much.

      “If a person does not harm any living being…
      and does not kill or cause others to kill-
      that person is a true spiritual practitioner.”

      -Dhammapada (The Buddha)

      "In order to satisfy one human stomach, so many lives are taken away.
      We must promote vegetarianism. It is extremely important."

      -His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

      Streats (Singapore) Tue 3rd Feb 2004
      Have a Heart for Animals

      Kudos to Philip Lee for his "Tofu anyone?" commentary (Streats, Jan 30), which exposed the suffering of animals at the slaughterhouse and praised vegetarian food.

      Most of the media's coverage of bird flu, mad cow and other diseases refers only to the effect on humans. It's good to see a writer willing to spare a thought for our thinking, feeling animal cousins which suffer from birth in today's factory-farming system.

      Why must we put our fellow creatures through this and risk creating fatal diseases such as Sars when we in Singapore have an abundance of tasty, healthy vegetarian food available?

      -Dr George Jacobs, President of Vegetarian Society (Singapore) : www.Vegetarian-Society.org

      The Straits Times (Singapore) Tue 3rd Feb 2004
      Stop Blaming Civet Cats & Chickens for Our Woes

      The cause of Sars and, now, bird flu, was blamed on the civet cat and the chicken respectively. So we were treated to an added dose of violence on TV showing civet cats being drowned and chickens being stomped to death.

      And we were made to believe that this massive killing is the right move because we, human beings, are at risk. School children applauded the shooting of crows in their school compounds, saying that crows spread the bird-flu virus. The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority is investigating if migratory birds could spread the virus. We have killed pigs. We have killed civet cats. We are now killing birds. We have also killed our sense of morality. Impressionable children will grow up thinking that killing is the answer to any threat to our survival. Is this the future we want?

      We should stop blaming other species for our woes. If only we had been less indulgent in our gastronomic pleasures, more compassionate in the farming of animals, and less arrogant and not think that we are the masters of this fragile planet, then perhaps there is still hope for this earthly home we share with other living beings.

      We want to live. So does every other living being on this planet.

      -Dr Tan Chek Wee : www.mettacats.org

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