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3 Responses on "The Dharma of Stock-checking"

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      3 Responses on "The Dharma of Stock-checking"

      1) Stop checking Just go straight, put it all down, live in just this moment as Zen Master Seung Sahn would say. I have found that my life is very happy to be in just this moment, see some one hungry give them food, how my I help you. Kwan Seum Bosal.

      - Mu Shim

      2) After reading your email about internal stock taking, I have many reflections. I will try to put them as organised and simple as possible. So please forgive me if some sentences doesn't make sense.

      There are many people who do not want to do such thorough "stock take" of their life. Are they too lazy to do so? Are they comfortable with where they are? Are they afraid to do such thorough internal "stock take"? (Afraid of what they'll find?)

      Yet, this kind of deep internal stock taking has to be done. If not, whatever one does, their actions will inevidently land them, and those around them, in misery.

      There will be many, who, after reading your email, or this email,would delete it away, without giving a single thought to what has been said. So, at least to me, the question is can one really make others take that first step towards this deep internal "stock take"? That first crucial step has to be taken in the 1st place. Just my 2 cents worth of thought :)


      3) Hello. Good day. I have another perspective on this.  Let me use an indirect illustration. To perform an "effective" stock-checking, it depends on one's business [literally refering to one's values, beliefs, etc]. Say, one is in the business of automobile sales.  After performing a periodic stock-check, the owner is dissatisfied with the current range of models. "It is not extensive eough.  Maybe, I can import more exotic automobiles from Europe.  Maybe, this will enhance my sales, etc."   Indeed, the reason for extending the range of car models can range anything from (i) business expansion, (ii) profit-driven to (iii) a passion to service customers with 'nothing but the best.'  Indeed, such could be the potential results of a stock-check. In real life, people (especially in their prime age) tended to pursue material well-being.  The more stock-check they perform, they get dissatisfied increasingly.  New houses, new cars, etc.

      Recently, I heard a somewhat sad story from a colleague.  Here it goes... This young (ex) couple knew each other since school days.  The young lady, purportedly a supportive person, waited for her boyfriend to complete his National Service, to pursue tertiary education in Australia.  It went very well.  After graudation, both secured very good jobs and of course, well paid.  This young gentleman, however, changed his value-system along the way.  He felt extremely dissatisfied with a paid salary.  He wanted more. He to achieve as much as he could.  He wanted to set-up a business.  Now, you may say, "Hey, that's good.  This chap got the ambition!"  Yes, I agree.  However, it was his attitude towards "achievement" that I couldn't agree.  Simply put, he wanted the best in life.  He didn't want a HDB apartment, not even a 5-room or Executive.  He wanted a Condominium or more.  He wanted more material well-being.  At the end of the day, he chose to forsake the proposal of marriage.  He felt that he didn't want to be tied down.  He simply wanted more right now.  There is no right or wrong. His choice.

      Indeed, we have to really sit down, sometimes by ourselves and quietly. Let us ask ourselves, "What 'business' am I operating now?  Am I expanding too aggressively at the expense of others?  Or is my 'business' a dormant one?"
      Maybe, the more we "stock-check", we may find that (i) goods are obsolete and need replacement [hopefully, a spiritual re-charging] or (ii) we simply need business [hopefully, we turn towards social well-being at large].

      A knife cuts both way. So, does stock-checking.

      Have a nice day ahead. Amitabha.
      Wait a minute.  Most importantly, HAPPY NEW YEAR and best wishes for the year... GOOD HEALTH everybody...

      Regards, Jee Meng

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