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RE: [zeph] The Buddhist Perspective on Burning Paper Offerings

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  • Soo Ling
    Thanks for the above article. It has certainly highlighted the difference between Buddhism and Taoism, which has now been blurred by local customs and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 9, 2004

      Thanks for the above article. It has certainly highlighted the difference between Buddhism and Taoism, which has now been blurred by local customs and incorrect beliefs.

      In additon to the burning of paper offerings, similar arguments can be put up on people praying to Buddha for good returns, which is as good as praying to a deity for Taoists. This is unfortunate as the essence of Buddhism proports non-attachment to all elements, including Buddha statues and the idea of enlightenment, yet many devoutees, with the lack of good Buddhism education, has chosen to look upon Buddha as a source of supernatural power which they can rely on when they are helpless. They do not realise that the answer lies in themselves and their own actions, and not on the divine powers of Buddha.

      Buddhism is different from other religions whereby it sets out to dispels man's fear in the supernatural and his fear for death, as well as addresses the question of existence in a logical manner that can be tested. Thus it is truly regretful that many "so-called" Buddhists are still unable to see the fundamentals of Buddhism and continue to uphold customs that are contradicting to the teachings.

      I understand that different people have different abilities to understand the teachings of Buddha and have different family experiences that have probably result in such malpractices and misconceptions, as such I am not condemning anyone but I am merely highlighting the fallacy that many Buddhists have and hope that all of you out there will now be more aware of it and can move towards the right direction of enlightenment.

      It has always been a worriying trend that many Buddhists' beliefs have been misconstrued.

      I feel that it is imperative that the correct teachings can be better made known to all Buddhists and all interested parties so that less people are misled into the trappings of Samsara.

      What do you say?

      Deepest Regards

      Soo Ling

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