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What Karma Smells Like

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  • NamoAmituofo
    For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... What Karma Smells Like ... There is always a reason why we suffer over matters which seem non-existent to others. And
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2003
      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com
      What Karma Smells Like

      There is always a reason why we suffer over matters
      which seem non-existent to others.
      And this reason is created by us, not others.

      It might be due to your good karma that you are not blinded,
      and see reality which others miss.

      It might be due to your bad karma that you are blinded,
      to see delusion which others miss.


      After a hard day's work, I arrive home, only to be "greeted" by a strange smell in my room. Uncomfortable about it, I asked my sister, who I share it with, about it. She replied that she did not smell anything "fishy." To "reset" my nose, I walked out of the room, and re-entered after a few minutes.

      I reaffirmed the lingering stench, quizzically asking whether she did anything "strange" in there while I was out. Looking at me, she nonchalantly said it probably resulted from the mixture of smells from the body care products I use- she REALLY did not smell anything strange. Looking at her in disbelief, I wondered how she could always readily come up with such nonsensical theories. I was barely out for less than 10 hours, and I had left without smelling anything weird. Even if it was a "mutated" smell from the stuff I use, I seriously doubt it could stay in the room for so long. If it really stuck, she would had smelt it herself! Furthermore, why was it always others' fault and never hers? 

      Before I got enraged, I took a mental step back and reflected. Perhaps it was really my fault. I was experiencing an ill result of negative karma, in suffering over the smell- while it was obviously not her karma or "just deserts" to feel discomfort by what she did not even detect. Likewise, for enlightened beings with immeasurable merit and spiritual purification, they do not experience any form of dissatisfaction, which we deluded sentient beings are constantly subjected to, to some extent. Afterall, we are still chained by the law of karma, caught in the web of negative cause-and-effect we spun ourselves.

      And I still don't know what the smell was... but thank karmic goodness it went away!

      Your ripening karma looks like what you are seeing now. Looks beautiful?
      Your ripening karma sounds like what you are hearing now. Sounds soothing?
      Your ripening karma smells like what you are smelling now. Smells nice?
      Your ripening karma tastes like what you are tasting now. Tastes delicious?
      Your ripening karma feels like what you are touching now. Feel good?
      What's on your mind now decides how you choose to "see" what your senses tell you.
      In not being attached to the dis/pleasure, we transcend them and experience divine equanimity.

      silent swirl


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