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Hey! Your Car's Scratched!

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  • NamoAmituofo
    For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com ... Hey! Your Car s Scratched! Zeph: Hey! Your new car is scatched! Shiqin: Ya, I can see it. Z: Aren t you anxious? S: It s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2003
      For www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com

      Hey! Your Car's Scratched!

      Zeph: Hey! Your new car is scatched!
      Shiqin: Ya, I can see it.
      Z: Aren't you anxious?
      S: It's okay.
      Z: Aren't you doing something about it?
      S: Sure... in case it rusts... I'll fix it when I have the time.

      Z: Why aren't you worked up?
      S: (smiling) Find me a car owner who never had a single scratch on any of his cars in his lifetime.
      Z: Huh? Sounds like the Buddhist story of searching for a mustard seed!
      [See "Story of Kisa Gotami" below]
      S: These things happen. Not that all cars will be scratched, but given enough time and conditions, one of one's cars being scratched is highly probable- be it accidentally by yourself or others, or by vandals.

      Z: So you were prepared for it?
      S: In this sense, yes, haha. Well, I'm not going to lament, "Why me?" Karmically, I deserve it anyway.
      [Learn about "Karma" @ http://asp.thedailyenlightenment.com/specials/lamp/karma.asp]
      Z: You seem resigned.
      S: Am I? Everything we experience we deserve; We deserve everything we experience.
      Z: That's so resigned!
      S: Nope. Is it wise to think that you don't deserve what you experience?
      Z: Well, if someone scratched my car, I will find and punish the culprit. I'm not going to take this lying down.
      S: Am I taking this lying down? Nope. I'm doing my best! How can I find the so-called culprit in this public car park? It's just a scratch. It might be just an accident anyway. Of course I deserve this karmically, or it wouldn't have happened. There is a cause for everything. I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I deserve it. Would it be helpful for me to believe I don't deserve it and let the scratch bug me all day? Why punish myself for someone's mistake? If it is a so-called "injustice" I can rectify, of course I will- for my own sake and for the sake of the culprit's karma. But once again, strictly speaking, all "injustices" we experience are our just deserts. Part of our spiritual practice is to learn to accept things graciously- especially those we can't change at the moment.
      Z: Hmmm... You're one cool girl.

      S: (shrugging) I don't know if the scratch is good or bad- it is just like that. Nothing stays the same forever anyway- this is the truth of impermanence- things change. The way to enjoy your car is to imagine it already scratched, to not fret over scratches that might come. That is troubling yourself over non-existent problems. But of course, it doesn't mean you don't care at all. Walk the Middle Path- don't be over-concerned or unconcerned. Just be concerned enough with Compassion and Wisdom. And when problems arise- just focus on solving them instead of dwelling on them. A scratch is just a scratch. Why let your peace of mind be so conditional, so easily affected? It's the car that is scratched, not you or your peace of mind. Take things easy as they come- everything flows by.
      Z: Wow... okay...

      S: I always wonder why people get so worked up over a mere scratch on their car- when repairing is easy- a matter of time and money. We should look after the blemishes of our mind more instead, our mental faults and negative habits- such as getting easily worked up over a mere scratch! Our mind is our immediate "property" to look after- we should give it priority over our external property. When your mind has one "scratch", tend to it immediately!
      Z: Yea... Hey! There's a namecard on your windshield! Look- a message behind says, "So sorry for scratching your car with mine. Please call me for the bill. I'll pay more than enough- for the trouble caused." 
      S: (smiles)
      Z: (grins)

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      Class Play: Story of Kisa Gotami

      Narrator: Kisa Gotami had a baby son. She loved him dearly. One day the baby fell sick and died. Kisa Gotami could not accept that the baby was dead; she wanted to believe that it was only sick. She went everywhere to find medicine to cure him. Then someone told here to go and see the Buddha.

      Scene: Kisa Gotami (in a distressed manner, holding her dead baby) sits before the Buddha.

      Kisa Gotami: Lord Buddha, please save my baby, only you could help me now!

      Buddha: Yes, Kisa Gotami, I will help you if you can bring back a mustard seed from a family where no one has died before.

      Narrator: Then Kisa Gotami, carrying her dead son went from house to house to asked for a mustard seed. She walked the whole day, yet she could not find a house where no death had taken place. While she was walking, she came to understand that her son had died. She finally knew that death comes to everyone. So she again went to pay her respects to the Buddha.

      Scene: Kisa Gotami bows to the Buddha.

      Kisa Gotami: Oh Lord Buddha, from my heart I thank you for helping me to understand. From now on I wish to become a nun and help others understand your compassionate teachings.


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