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Should We Pick Up Others' Litter? / My "Littering" Experience

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  • NamoAmituofo
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2003

      More Responses to "Of Litterbugs & Noisy Phones" @ http://asp.thedailyenlightenment.com/45.htm#realization

      Should We Pick Up Others' Litter?

      KY: TDE member
      SA: TDEditor (

      KY: I enjoyed reading the "analysis" of the writer.
      SA: Thank you for appreciating it :-]

      Instead of "I snapped my fingers at her, to let her know I saw what happened", it would be much better to pick up the used tissue and drop it in the next rubbish bin. This is not easy to do because one may be afraid of getting infected (SARS?), but being mindful of helping "a tired old cleaner", this is the natural thing to do. It also helps to maintain a clean environment.

      SA: Excellent action! But the problem remains that the person who littered accidentally does not know she should have picked up her litter. Maybe what is more important is to be mindful and not to litter accidentally (or intentionally of course!) ourselves. After trying to let a person know he/she has done something wrong, do we "clean up" after him/her if he/she still does not recognise the mistake? Hmmm... if neither the unmindful or the mindful "cleans up" this world, who will? ("Cleaning up" is used here as an analogy to "making the world a better place" or "setting things right")

      Still, ultimately, it might not be practical to pick up all the litter in the world. That's why cleaning can be a full-time occupation in itself. In the end, it takes all individuals to make the world a better place, through mindful and beneficial action.

      KY: The "tired old cleaner" could be one's mother in past life!
      Good point! Making any person suffer is being unfilial in this sense!

      My "Littering" Experience  

      This issue may seem minor but it really reflects on social responsibility of the people in society. Littering and noisy phones in the theatre...
      is it by purpose or not ? It may be due to self-centredness, lack of self-discipline and civic-mindedness. This problem can be minimised by instilling the right message from young  or by education using various media. The following happened yesterday-

      I drop a receipt at an ATM machine. As I had given thought to the "Litterbug" article, I immediately told myself to pick up the little piece of paper, and felt the importance of doing it. In the past, I do not feel the importance of such an act, usually throwing it in the bin without any thought. It is impotant to feel the significance of such matters, so we will be more responsible to others as well as ourself. You are kind to yourself if you are kind to others.

      From this experience, I think frequent formal and informal education is essential to train people to be civic- minded. Religious teachings can play an important role to ease the situation by incorporating daily happenings to their teaching material.
      The previous two issues of TheDailyEnlightenment-Weekly (http://asp.thedailyenlightenment.com/45.htm#realization / http://asp.thedailyenlightenment.com/44.htm#realization) teach you and me through daily happenings, illustrating events experienced by nearly everyone. The educational value is there for us to give it thought.

      -By TDE member, horizon s

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