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Your Invisible Bodhisattvas

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  • NamoAmituofo
    ... Your Invisible Bodhisttvas Responses to last TDE Realisation Article Invisible Bodhisattvas & Maras
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
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      Your Invisible Bodhisttvas

      Responses to last TDE Realisation Article "Invisible Bodhisattvas & Maras"

      Reponse #1

      There are three good friends attached to the same club. They are Mary, Siew Leng and Yi Ling.  Siew and Yi are very concern about Mary health and career . They always reminded one of their best friend Mei to take care of Mary as both are staying quite far from her.

      This year, Mary did not expect to get early promotion in her office as she does not know that their best friend Mei had actually put in a few good words for her. Thus Mary was elected as an executive commitee 
      member in the club followed by her promotion in office.

      Today, Mary is very busy and express that Siew Leng and Yi leng is too monotonous in life and was not able to get along with them. They are not chatting together in the club anymore and sometime not even to make and effort to say  "Hi" when all are in the same club.

      This picture tell us that they is always invisible bodhisattvas around us during our success and we are not aware that their existence had actually create a foundation to the acheivement. The invisible bodhisattvas 
      may not want to received gratitude from the beneficial  but in life always be grateful when we are in the path to success and never forget and  remember the sincere love one around us.


      Reponse #2

      After reading the realisation on Invisible Bodhisattvas I start to give a thought to who is my recent invisible Buddhisattvas which have train me to be more mindful in handling daily matters. I have now able to let go of
      matters which is not infavour of me and adopt a more positive approached to it. Previously , I was easily jump to a conclusion of incident that happen to me or others and may hold on anger for days and not forgiving others. Today I am more forgiving and try not to create enemy wherever possible. Is indeed a great change in my attitude and I think I have partially pathway to enligtenment in life.( This statement is made according to my personal standard of "enlightenment" which I valued as a good improvement for myself)

      www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com I did not give a thought to it until reading the latest issue of the realisation on thedailyenlightenment.

      Here I would like to say " GONG DE WU LIANG" to the temple KONNG MENG SAN, THE AWARENESS BOOKSHOP AND ESPECIALLY THE EDITORIAL BOARD OF TDE being very persistent and hardworking in writing and coordinating all unique and resourceful material. Cheer ! Let's all reader also participate in writing realisation and make the purpose of TDE acheive even a more fruitful result.

      - BLUE SKY

      Thank you for your support! You are our invisible Bodhisattva too, for supporting us!

      -TDEditor, shian

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