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The Late Bus / Good & Bad News

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  • NamoAmituofo
    ... TheLateBus ... The bus is late. One waits frustrated. Another waits at ease. What caused the difference? Can t be the bus. Can t be the absence of the bus.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2002


      The bus is late.
      One waits frustrated.
      Another waits at ease.

      What caused the difference?
      Can't be the bus.
      Can't be the absence of the bus.
      Can't be anything external.
      It's the individual's mind posture-
      the choice of personal attitude.

      The bus can only condition your unhappiness.
      You cause your own unhappiness.
      Nothing else can give you unhappiness;
      Nothing else can cause your unhappiness.

      Everything external can only condition your happiness.
      You cause your own happiness.
      Nothing else can give you happiness;
      Nothing else can cause your happiness.

      Why be the frustrated bus commuter?
      Why choose to be unhappy?
      Why be the late bus driver?
      Why choose to "make" others unhappy?

      Practice of the Dharma is
      not being unhappy at the late buses of our life,
      not "making" others unhappy by being the late buses of their lives.
      Practice of the Dharma is doing the opposite-
      gladly accepting the late buses of life we can't hurry (ie. karmic situations we can't change),
      gladly being timely buses delivering Compassion and Wisdom into others' lives.
      When both are perfected, one is perfected.
      Thus is the Bodhisattva's way of life,
      of bringing happiness to oneself and all beings.

      - Inspired by the first lesson of Basic Buddhism Course.
      Sign up for next course at Feb 2003 @
      See other such articles @ http://stonepeace.blogspot.com

      Bad & Good News

      I have 2 pieces of news for you-
      One good and one bad. I shall begin by telling you the bad... Brace yourself for this truth! Absolutely nothing material (physical) or immaterial (mental) out there in this world can ever bring you True Happiness! Simply because everything is subject to change- both yourself and the object of happiness you strive for.

      Now for the good news! Though nothing can bring you True Happiness,
      True Happiness is dependent on absolutely nothing in this world! It is unconditioned. There are conditions, however, for attaining this unconditioned state. You have to put your mind in a calm and clear posture, and train it to see all things material and immaterial as they are- changing, dissatisfactory and selfless. The clearer you see reality, the nearer you are to True Happiness, that is Nirvana itself- beyond change, dissatisfaction and self, beyond the material and immaterial, beyond time and space.

      Here's an analogy on why nothing beyond your mind determines your happiness or the lack of it...Two people are waiting for a late bus-
      One is frustrated while the other at ease. The bus is not the cause of their frustration or ease, it is a mere condition. The causes of suffering and happiness are thus in the mind, not out there. We choose whether to suffer or not, whether to take news of the "late buses of life" as bad news, good news or mere news.

      Understanding that nothing without can bring True Happiness, let's stop seeking outside. Knowing that the key to True Happiness lies within, let's start reflecting on ourselves.
      At the end of the day, bad and good news are relative and empty- and that's the absolute truth!

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