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  • NamoAmituofo
    *Hundreds Have Already Met Sam & Sara. Have you?* http://thedailyenlightenment.com/2012/07/sam-sara-booksactually *Flyer:*
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2012
      Hundreds Have Already Met Sam & Sara. Have you?

      Flyer: http://thedailyenlightenment.com/2012/07/sam-sara-eflyer
      5 Trailers:
      35 Reviews: http://thedailyenlightenment.com/2012/07/reviews-of-sam-sara
      Get Book Online:

      Like Sam & Sara at Facebook

      Han Kok Kwang (Author of National #1 Bestsellers, “So What If You Don’t Have A Degree?” & “No Job? No Problem!”):

      ‘Had a quick scan of “Sam & Sara” and found it to be a rather multi-layered book. Looks deceptively simple with the cartoons but its wisdom is quite profound if you take the time to ponder. And the way you break “Samsara” into ‘Sam & Sara’ is genius. Not everyone would appreciate the layered wisdom in the book but when you can get past “duh?” after the first few chapters, you will find a treasure trove of “pause & reflect” triggers in today’s 24/7 world. A few of my favourite chapters are “Clinging to Suffering”, “Blindspots” and “Blockage.” Great job!’

      (Han was winner of the ‘Inaugural National Lifelong Learner’ Award & the youngest winner of ‘National Human Resource Management Professional of the Year’ Award.)

      Sis Bita (Vice-President of Singapore’s Buddhist Fellowship on the ‘Sam & Sara’ book):

      ‘My (10-year-old) daughter (Tara) says it’s soooo funny! She’s laughing her socks off! Now she says, “I’m going to recommend all my friends to get this book”… She’s SMS-ing her friends now: “Eh tomorrow, I’m gonna bring a book to school. It’s really cute and makes me want to laugh. The author is my Mother’s friend so I’m gonna promote it. It’s new… so yeah. My Mum is (among) the first to get it and she got 50 copies. So after reading mine, if you are interested, do consider buying it to share it with your friends!” (It’s) a great idea as a gift – friends and kids with birthdays around the corner… Watch out for Sam & Sara!”

      (It’s surprisingly a hit with kids, though it was written for adults too! Yes! ‘Sam & Sara’ was mindfully written to be enjoyed by all of all ages! Depending on your perception, every experience of its wit and wisdom is different.)

      ‘YPs (Young People group of Buddhist Fellowship) enjoying “Sam & Sara” and acting out their favourite stories. An excellent way to teach nuggets of Dharma wisdom to young people. They had a lot of fun and laughter!’

      ‘Dear Parents, we had an interesting YP lesson yesterday (on Sunday). Each young lady and gentleman reviewed 10 stories in the new Buddhist comic “Sam & Sara”. For a good 20 minutes, there was complete SILENCE! (Woohoo!!!) Pure concentration. They were each asked to pick their favourite story, that they have reviewed together, and with a partner, personified and “acted” (read) the script.

      Lots of fun and laughter! Of course, some kids said, “I don’t understand your story.” And in typical YP fashion, another will help by trying to explain in their own words their understanding of the story, and another will chip in on how this can be applied to their lives…

      As a parent and a teacher, I have seen how many kids have been tickled by the Dhamma stories cleverly woven into the comic strips. My kids have even brought them to school to share with their friends and they came back asking for more! “Sam & Sara” is also an excellent gift for birthdays, celebrations and as a “get-well” gift. It’s truly a gem. Every child and every person should have one by their side. With metta, Coach Bita’

      Dr. Henry Yeo (Committee Member of Singapore’s Buddhist Fellowship):

      ‘Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu to all 3 of you (Shi’an, Weiya, Jetty) for bringing the Dharma alive in a refreshing way. May you be as successful as “Peanuts” and “Calvin & Hobbes”. Looking forward towards seeing “Sam & Sara” T-shirts and greeting cards. I do not see “Sam & Sara” [as someone else], but see myself and my friends and relatives [in them] instead.’


      ‘Full of imagination, it (Sam & Sara) is an interesting book. You may get different insights through reading it each time. It has the ability to pass different messages through different reading conditions and perceptions at different times. May all get enlightenment through the book. Amituofo.’


      ‘It is absolutely cool to present the Dharma in such an entertaining way! What is Dharma, where is Dharma & how to practise Dharma? “Sam & Sara” clearly answers these questions. When we are laughing at “Sam & Sara”, aren’t we laughing at ourselves too? It is not just a book, but more like a mirror for our reflection. With no doubt, it is definitely another successful production by TDE.’


      ‘I’ve read quite a bit of the book, a little a day goes a long way! Quite a lot of insights to mentally digest, which is great. So, here’s my encapsulated thoughts on “Sam & Sara” : ) … An insightful read that is loads of fun; Love “Sam & Sara” for its forthright humour that is transcendental in meaning. It surprised me into seeing the “flip side of the coin”, so to speak. Often, I found it a spot-on guide on the absurdity of human psychology and behaviour (mine included).’

      Frédéric (France):

      Book well received, Thank you!

      Bee Lan:

      ‘I have read “Sam & Sara” twice since I got it last Saturday. I enjoyed the book and could see myself in some of the scenarios. I liked particularly the sections on anger, distraction and intention. So me! I am a little bit Sam and a little bit Sara!… On the whole, a good read! Thank you. Keep it up. Waiting for Volume 2…’  

      Juliana (School Teacher):

      ‘This book gives a good glimpse of the Buddha’s teachings in comic format. Reader-friendly and with authentic examples, you will get the concepts clearly shown to you in a fun and relaxing way… In fact, I got a total of 8 books. I just received 2 today. Getting more as presents for my friends. _/|\_… It is great pleasure to support good books!’

      Bro. Liew Shi Xiong [Lay Advisor, Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth)]:

      ‘”Skilful means” in sharing the Buddha’s teachings apply aptly to this graphic novel of Sam & Sara’s comic strips. The book is a witty and “zenny” look into the everyday situations faced by our two protagonists, Sam & Sara, in 100 short snippets of everyday “adventures”. Sam & Sara is also a timely reminder that opportunities to practise and cultivate ourselves can be found in the everyday-ness of our daily lives.

      To share a personal experience… Email communication has been an integral part of my life, and I sometimes have the habit of procrastinating on replying emails. But when I was reading snippet #8 this evening, it struck a chord and made me reflect for a moment, on the conveniences and inconveniences this new medium has made out of myself. True story. (As to what’s the story in #8, buy a copy of the book to find out!) Please support “Sam & Sara”, or in true-blue Singaporean Internet lingo, “Sarpork priest!” (Support please!)’


      ‘”Sam & Sara” are so cute! Not “Samsara” (that is cute) though… All 100 “adventures” are so real and many of them happen in my personal life too. For instance, snippet #25 on Distraction, #42 on Love, #54 on Regrets, #63 on Fixed Views… just to name a few… Reading this will definitely move me towards bettering myself. Next readers of this book, my dearest family members…’ 

      Ivy Loh:

      ‘Dear Shi’an, I would like to purchase one more book to give as a gift. I am halfway through the book and find it very interesting. The conversations between Sam & Sara are what we encounter from time to time in our daily lives. This book is relevant to all, regardless of one’s faith. Its messages serve as reminders to me, though some are very profound, which I need to read through a few times to gain better insight. This is a book which I will not put aside after reading, but will take out again, to reread whenever I can. I have learnt and benefited a lot from it, and I’m sure it will continue to benefit me and many out there too!’

      Tuck Khuen:

      ‘Hi Bro. Shi’an, “Sam & Sara” is definitely another compassionate gift from you, complementary to the many TDE books published. This pictorial book is a breakthrough which can hold the hearts and interest of all age groups. My daughter who read a few chapters of the book had some good laughs and enjoyed reading it. The outcome from reading it with be very different for each individual, depending on one’s intellectual level of understanding, as some stories are indeed profound in nature. But nevertheless, the end result with be beneficial to all since it TEACHES GOOD. Looking forward to more of your publications and once again, thank you for your undying efforts to propagate Buddhadharma to all sentient beings. With Metta, Tuck Khuen’

      Linden (Cornwell, UK):

      ‘Just to let you know the book arrived today in perfect condition! Like the look, size, feel of the book and its matte cover. The few pages opened at random were good. Well done! Thank you.’

      Irene Tham:

      ‘”Sam & Sara” is nice, light and humourous, with good moral messages that are short and precise – going straight to the point, which is similar to the character of those born of Generation Y. The book is portable enough for reading pleasure anywhere, be it on a bus or train. I would browse through the pages just to perk up my day. Highly recommend this book to go with your breakfast, lunch or dinner break. :-)’


      ‘”Sam & Sara” is indeed “Amazing & Amusing”. A great entertaining way of introducing the Dharma… I finished reading it within an hour when I received the book. I am still reading it again and again… Really appreciate the efforts from the three of you. Great job!’


      ‘Enjoying this good book – “The Amazing & Amusing Adventures of SAM & SARA” *It highlights the real situations each may face & there’s wisdom in it, which is SO applicable to everyday life!* Looking for a good read? This is for you! Do grab a copy now!… Thanks, Bro. Shi’an, for sharing such a great book! *Would highly recommend to anyone as it’s so apt to our everyday life & very reader-friendly!* May all beings be well & happy! :)’


      ‘”Sam & Sara” is a simple, comical and yet profound book. It teaches us to look at life in different perspectives. Some of the contents also highlight to us the 3 Poisons (Greed, Hatred and Delusion) that we commonly face in society. When I brought the book home, my 5-year old daughter saw me reading it, and probably, the pictures caught her attention. Now, she will occasionally bring the book to me and ask me to read to her. This book is suitable for both children and adults though it was originally meant to be for adults. I will recommend this book to people of different age groups, and have also bought another 2 copies for my brother and a friend, who has been suffering from anxiety and depression for many years. Hopefully, “Sam & Sara” will help her in some ways. Thanks, Bro. Shi’an. Amituofo.’


      ‘Wow, “Sam & Sara”! I have never read a book so fast. I received it yesterday. Started reading this morning on my journey from JB to Malacca but finished long before I reached. It keeps you wanting to read more. Hey, not addictive, but a good way to learn more. Thanks for the effort. Well done!’

      Cixin (Dharma Worker):

      ‘Thank you very much for the book! It’s very cute! Makes me want to read further and further… Looks simple but not that simple [in meaning]… takes a while to digest [the full meaning]. Can see a lot of hard work involved. Hmm… Will read first and then donate to library to share with others :)’

      (Yes, Sam & Sara is written in a deceptively (in a good way) simple manner, but with profound messages for bettering our perspectives on life!)


      ‘一向不爱字少少图画多多的漫画书。也没想过我会买漫画书看。但因为这是”佛书”, 所以买了。100则简单易懂却发人深省的对谈。日常生活中的点滴,都可以是我们学习的参考。佛法,就是这麽实际。:) ‘

      Translation: ‘As I usually don’t like comic books, which have fewer words and many pictures, I never thought I would buy one. But as this is a “Dharma” book, I bought it. It has 100 simple to understand, yet thought-provoking dialogues. The episodes of everyday life can all be our references for learning. The Buddha’s teachings are thus so practical!’ 


      (Yea! Excited…can’t help but post.. I got this directly from the author!)

      ‘I like Story #54 in “Sam & Sara”. Its reflection says, “Regrets are reminders to hang on, to better the situation or to let go, if it cannot be done…. for now.” Sometimes, we regret about what we did (or not do) in the past, thinking we could have done better. But sometimes, we think we have already done our best under the circumstances at that time. So, on some days, we regret and feel sad. Some other days, we dismiss the regret and convince ourselves that we have already done our best. Like an endless cycle, after some time, it comes back to haunt us again. But the truth is, we can always be better (unless we are already Buddhas); it is impossible to do our best immediately. We can only “do our best” for now. If the situation cannot be reversed, it is an absolute waste of time to cry over spilled milk.

      Just as this story gave me some “enlightenment”, I think there will be a story “especially” for everyone (among the 100 stories) if all take their time to ponder them. Overall, I think this is an ingenious and skilful means to influence people in a positive way, and to reach out to the masses, especially to friends who do not have a reading habit. As the messages are applicable to real-life situations, they are suitable for non-Buddhists as well. I am looking forward to the Chinese version, so that I can pass it to family and friends who understand only Chinese.’

      Karita Fischer:

      ‘What a great book! I’ll bring 2 of them to Cambodia. I am reading now first (because I love it), then my daughter…  I’ll make sure our whole family reads them, also the kids in 2 orphanages in Cambodia =) They are Buddhists too.’

      Jo (Educator):

      ‘I was excited when I received the book. Although I was so tired after a day’s work, I just couldn’t stop myself from reading on. Although the book is meant for adults but the Dharma is universal, for everyone. And from what I understand of kids, they can understand the meaning of words, though they may not understand as in depth as adults, the words will imprint in their mind, and when they read it again the next year, they have another depth of understanding, which is the reason why I had decided to buy this book for my P6 and Sec 1 cousins as their birthday presents. I’m sure this book will benefit them, and hopefully they will be interested to learn the Dharma… Hurry, everyone! Go and get this book! You can get it at http://thedailyenlightenment.com/2012/07/get-sam-sara-book-here Hurry before it’s all gone!’

      Ivy Looi:

      ‘Thank you very much, Shi’an. I got your new book. It’s really wonderful. You did it again! l must read read it over and over again to catch the insights. Thank you.’


      ‘It’s an amazing book. Simple and easy to understand. Suitable for people of all ages… especially those who get giddy after looking at tons of words. Love this book. It’s a wonderful tool to introduce the Dharma to young kids.’ :) 


      ‘The book is really super fantastic!!! Using the two simple characters of SAM and SARA, you have actually shed some light on how we can deal with daily problems we face!

      Especially Story #63 (out of 100), sometimes, for us, we tend to have a fixed view of someone because of what they did in the past, and we keep on assuming that they are “that” kind of person. And what is more worse, we might influence others into thinking likewise. This is extremely unfair and provides no opportunities for that ‘someone’ to remedy the situation. Extracting this passage from the book,

      “When we cling to views of others,
      which might not be true,
      we might not be true
      in our relationships with them.”

      Thank you, Bro. Shi’an and Sis. Weiya and Sis. Jetty for this book! It’s easy to understand for laypeople, including Non-Buddhists! I will introduce this to my friends and recommend them to get it! Thank you once again for the gift of Dharma!’

      (Yay! So happy you like the book! Yes, because the stories are based on everyday situations, their messages are applicable to real life! Indeed, many of us make the horrible mistake of labeling some unfairly for life. And when our ill will is spread by words, the harm can be difficult to undo. Thank you for recommending the book to your friends!)

      Peiyun (School Teacher & Mother):

      ‘Good book!… ”Sam & Sara” is a Dharma comic book for all ages and walks of life, even for a busy working mom like me. It is presented in a witty and simple manner, yet, the messages are profound. Finding time to learn the Dharma has never been simpler. A story a day helps me learn the Dharma the fun way!’

      Kai Ying:

      ‘”The Amazing & Amusing Adventures of Sam & Sara” will amaze and amuse you with snippets of insights you can learn from daily life. The 100 different life situations of Sam & Sara are witty and meaningful. I find that some of their dialogue replies can be useful for our daily interactions with others. An entertaining read for all ages!’


      ‘Interesting… Dharma teachings through comics. Yes, it’s good to share nice things. In fact, I had shared the book on my Facebook. And giving a copy to my nephew… Thanks to you all too, for putting in the effort to produce a wonderful copy… ‘I had just completed reading “Sam & Sara”. It’s such a “simple” book, but still, it caused me to have deep deep thoughts. It’s enriching… I like the story “Mirror” and “Clinging to Suffering”. They are always some things we know in our hearts, but forgotten at times.’

      (Thank your for enjoying the book! Yes, it’s meant to ‘look simple’ while literally illustrating some ‘deep’ messages.)


      ‘It’s an interesting book with short messsges, and the cartoons are really cute. Through them, the messages are conveyed in a light-hearted way. Will definitely tell my family and friends about this book. Thank you!’


      ‘My sons also enjoy reading “Sam & Sara” and are very amused by most of the stories. When I asked my 11 year old boy what he thought of the book, his reply was “It is enlightening!!”. I was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t expect him to know about “enlightenment”. The kids love the book for its humour and cute drawings too. I like that every topic has a challenging perspective for us to ponder upon. It is a very refreshing way of delivering the Dharma and I look forward to more of such books. It is so addictive that I couldn’t stop flipping till I reach the end of the book! :p I believe you have achieved the great purpose of spreading the messages you wanted to. Thank you and the other two ladies for giving us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves and learn the Dharma : o) ‘

      Alvin Lam (CEO, Ministry of Veg):

      ‘”Sam & Sara” is a book which I find suitable for all adults and children of reading age. As a collection of many topics underpinned by principles of Wisdom and Compassion, you can just flip to your topics of interest and enjoy snippets for the day. When I first received the book, snippet #19 (of 100) about “Eating Animals” caught my attention and as I was reading it, it struck me how simple logic can be coupled with profound meaning when we encourage people to go for less meat, and for more vegetables (and fruits) for the greater good – which happens to be Ministry Of Veg’s Mission Statement too! In fact, this book serves good “food” for thought!’

      Boon Tiong:

      ‘It’s FUN and enjoyable reading “Sam & Sara”. We always look at the “right” side and not the “left” side. YES, we do! Until you read “Sam & Sara”. With “Sam & Sara”, one looks at the “dark” side and the other looks at the “bright” side. Some children might need guidance from positive adults, as children might see only Conventional Truths, while there is Ultimate Truth. Amituofo.’

      Linda (Entrepreneur):

      ‘Got mine today! Thanks Shi’an… It’s a truly a book to be recommended to friends. Simple, and straight to the point. Especially for non-Buddhists, and as reminders to Buddhists, which they can relate to in their daily lives. Well done!’

      More about book @ http://thedailyenlightenment.com/category/11/sam-sara
      Get the book @ http://thedailyenlightenment.com/2012/07/get-sam-sara-book-here
      Submit your review @ http://thedailyenlightenment.com/contact-us

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