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Greetings from Zeph

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Dear Frens of Zeph, Here are some entries from Zeph s Online Diary @ http://stonepeace.blogspot.com See more less enlightening but more entertaining
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2002
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      Dear Frens of Zeph,

      Here are some entries from Zeph's Online Diary @ 
      See more less "enlightening" but more "entertaining" entries there!

      From today onwards, there will be more or less daily updates of the diary's entries here thru this list.
      This list is for discussion too!
      Feel free to hit "Reply" to the list or to me @

      Have fun :-]


      Burden to End Burdens

      Something rather amusing to myself-
      I was hushing colleagues to speed up submission of project/event reports,
      and came up with this-
      "Paperwork is a present necessary burden to relieve future burdens."
      (These reports are for prevention of repeated mistakes and future improvement)

      Reminds me of the Buddha's teaching that
      "There is suffering that leads to more suffering &
      there is suffering that leads to the end of it.

      Of course, in this day and age- paperwork is typing work.
      Blogging is fine though.
      Think i'm going to like this.

      Wanting Happiness

      Any sensual bliss in the world,
      any heavenly bliss,
      isn't worth one sixteenth-sixteenth
      of the bliss of the ending of craving.

      -Udana II, 2

      Yes indeed-
      How can wanting, even if it is wanting to be happy,
      be more happy than not wanting anything?

      Blogging Vs Pubbing, Clubbing & Partying

      Madness indeed.
      All the posts today were written with a semi-concentrated frown on my brow.
      I'm bored and a little frustrated by the tons of work I have to do.
      But this beats pubbing and clubbing and partying any time.

      I used to joke-
      Pubbing is drinking.
      Clubbing is drinking and dancing
      Partying is drinking and dancing and hopefully (to many) wham-bam time.

      Different grades of Samsara huh?
      Nothing modern if you think of it- Pubbing, Clubbing and Partying has been around since boredom began haha

      Theravada Zen

      "Better than if there were thousands
      of meaningless words is
      one meaningful word
      that on hearing brings peace."....


      -Dhammapada, 8

      Interesting Boredom Theory

      Q: Why are Earthlings looking out to outer space?
      Q: Why do the super-technologically advanced aliens (if any) cruise thru the universe?
      Q: Why am I blogging here in cyberspace?
      Q: Why are you reading this blog?

      A: They/We are bored.

      "Moral of the Story"-
      Technological advancement is not spiritual advancement.
      It can't even solve the age-old problem of boredom-
      which is a manifestation of craving.
      Ahhh... this is where the Dharma comes in.
      The aliens with too much time on their hands need the Truth.

      Sick & Tired

      Heard uttered by a female black cop on the beat on "Da Vinci's Inquest Yr 3" just minutes ago on Ch.5:

      sick and tired
      of being
      sick and tired."

      Sounds like someone on the verge of the renunication of samsara to me.
      I have to remind myself-
      Real renunciation is just letting go Greed, Hatred and Ignorance.
      With Wisdom (anti-thesis of Ignorance), Bodhisattvas do not have Greed or Hatred for this (or any other) world-
      and they can stay and help other beings in it best they can-
      unstained by the stained and the staining.

      Are YOU in the Dharma-Ending Age?

      Here is what i see as a sure way to the answer to the above.
      It might seem like a funny question-
      but i see the Dharma-Ending Age as a personalised experience instead of a generalised one.
      It's relative when you really think of it.
      You could be a worm squirming in the dirt near the Buddha's feet 2500+ years ago;
      instead of a disciple in front of Him.
      That's definitely not the True Dharma Age for you back then, isn't it?

      To know the answer to the question in the header,
      ask yourself this-
      "Are you confident of making irreversible progress towards Enlightenment in this life?"
      If your answer is "No,"...
      Wake up! Snap out of YOUR Dharma-Ending Age!

      Round & Round

      Like they say,
      "What goes around comes around."
      Common sense isn't it?
      If you move in a circle, you come back full circle.

      Why then are we caught up in so many senseless cycles in this life?
      I don't mean eat, sleep, sh*t...- since these are daily to-dos.
      I refer to all the other unnecessary habitual cycles.
      Don't we know they only seem to get us somewhere, yet nowhere in reality?

      These are the very things that bind us to the wheel of (mis)fortune, of life and death.
      Arghhh.... sick game. It's like re-playing Russian Roulette with one player- yourself-
      you dread the bullet through your head, and you know it will come- unexpectedly... again and again.

      Watch Your Watching

      "The fool is careless.
      But the master guards his watching.
      It is his most precious treasure."

      -The Dhammapada, 2, Wakefulness

      Mind your mind.
      Mind your mindfulness.

      Of the importance and value of mindfulness, it cannot be said enough.
      The most precious treasure indeed.
      Without some wakefulness, we can never totally awake.

      Empty Attachments

      Ming sent me an email with 2 attachment files.
      Somehow, due to some glitch, they turned out to have 0 bytes each.
      I replied,

      "Your attachments are empty."

      Haha. Accidental pseudo-Zen.

      The 4 Noble Truths for Beginners

      Noble Truth 1 - You are not truly happy...
      Noble Truth 2 - bcos of your attachment to the wrong things as sources of happiness, and aversion to the wrong things as deterences.
      All these problems arise from your delusion about the nature of things.
      Noble Truth 3 - But you can be truly happy by attaining Nirvana...
      Noble Truth 4 - by practising the Noble Eightfold Path!

      Your Greatest Desire

      Q: What is the most desirable thing?
      A: What you want NOW is the most desirable thing.

      -Heard from a talk by Ajahn Jagaro

      Are You Honestly Enlightened?

      Q: How did the Buddha know He was Enlightened?
      A: Through His honesty.
      When He said He was Enlightened,
      it was neither an under nor over-statement-
      nothing less than the Truth.

      To seek the total Truth, one has to be totally honest.
      Dishonesty is lying to yourself- how can you seek the Truth which is synonymous with honesty?
      Honesty is about being in sync with the Truth within oneself- which is essentially the same as the Truth "out" there.
      If you are honest about your mind and what's on it, you will realise the Truth from watching it.

      So what is this Truth?
      3 Universal Characteristics-
      Everything material and mental is constantly changing, selfless and ultimately dissatisactory due to that.

      Seek the Truth; Not Guess It

      Every assumption you make about reality is a potential delusion.
      This does not just apply to spiritual stuff-
      it applies too to ordinary everyday matters.

      Why guess a friend or colleague has something against you?
      A 99% accurate theory is still just a theory and is potential 100% delusion.
      Why not just clarify without spite?

      If we do not handle such simple Truth-seeking tasks properly in worldly life,
      we can forget about seeking and discovering the Ultimate Truth.

      Transference of Files & Consciousness

      Was transferring files from old notebook to this one i am using- from 10pm to 2am!
      My eyes are tired from looking at the computer at work plus these 4 hours of doing the same.
      Transferring files- makes me relate to the tiresomeness of rebirth,
      of "transferring" consciousness from an old used body to another.
      All the valuable files I put in a folder called "Old".
      Guess i could have called it "Previous Life" too.
      These files, like valuable lessons from past lives... let us not forget them.
      But how do we recall them in the first place?
      No conscious need to- just practise and the files will unfold naturally.

      We Are All Schizos!

      Slightly amusing email from a Venerable whom I approached to be a regular writer for www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com. But what he says is true of me too- too often do i look back at my writing and am intrigued that "i" actually wrote them. That's because it is simple- "i" did not. haha. It is strange but that's how it works- shape-shifting "selves" penning things and forgetting them- someone else wrote the stuff i wrote in the past.
      Dear Zeph,

      There is no need to ask permission to use any of my stuff; there is copyleft on everything I write, not copyright.

      I cannot --- or will not --- accede to your request to contribute things for your publication on a regular basis, as I am a writer by inspiration rather than discipline, and many months pass between periods of inspiration, so that it seems I am not the person who wrote all that stuff before; perhaps I'm schizophrenic, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

      Best Wishes from (Ven.) A_____

      Ignore Yourself

      I remember trying out a Yahoogroup Chatroom...
      There was a button called "Ignore",
      with which you can click after selecting a person's name in the room whom you wish to ignore.
      As i was the only one there, i selected myself.
      To my surprise, the message appeared,
      "You cannot ignore yourself."

      Haha... another case of accidental pseudo-Zen!

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