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3 Mondo Dialogues

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  • NamoAmituofo
    3 Mondo Dialogues Uninventing the Wheel of the Chicken & Egg Question (M)arshall: Which came first- the chicken or the egg? (Z)eph: Neither- Your ignorance
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2001
      3 Mondo Dialogues

      Uninventing the Wheel of the Chicken & Egg Question

      (M)arshall: Which came first-  the chicken or the egg?
      (Z)eph: Neither- Your ignorance first- to ask such a question-
                 to not realise that it arose from ignorance 
                 before the chicken and egg question- an ignorant question from the depths of your ignorance.
      M: But isn't this the primodial original question?
      Z: No. the primodial question is "Where did our ignorance come from?"
          It is the source of our dissatisfactions, of all our unanswered questions.
          But we are often too ignorant about the question to ask it, and even when we do, we are too ignorant to know the answer.
          In fact, to know where ignorance comes from is the end of ignorance itself- it is Enlightenment.
      M: What can we do then?
      Z: Just move towards wisdom, towards Enlightenment-
          don't stay where you are or move backwards towards ignorance by asking ignorant questions. 
          When approaching the pure light of wisdom, the darkness of ignorance disappears.
          No one can understand ignorance with ignorance; but only with wisdom.

      The Noisy Silent Falling Tree

      (Z)eph: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, is there a sound?
      (M)arshall: I heard it while thinking about it.
      Z: But I already said no one was there to hear it, why did you put yourself there?
      M: ?...
      Z: Try not to think of a pink elephant- can it be done?
      M: When the first question was heard, the sound was heard- my mind moved.
      Z: A sound is a sound only when you label it so with your thoughts-
          otherwise, it is just meaningless air vibrations.
          To understand yourself and the world, don't think about it-
          silent your mind and observe without judgement.
          This is meditation. The more silent you are, the more you hear, see.... naked reality.
      Living in Emptiness

      (C)lyde: What is the appropriate way to live? Where should our heart and mind dwell?
      (Z)eph: In emptiness.
      C: What is emptiness?
      Z: The truth that because everything mental and material is changing all the time (Anicca).
          Hence, there is no substantial thing or self (Anatta).
      C: How to live in emptiness?
      Z: In the middle way.
      C: How to live in the middle way?
      Z: To avoid all physical (bodily) and mental (attitude/concept) extremes.
          To treasure everything in the moment because it is only here for the moment, (changing from moment to moment) and
          to be unattached to everything in the moment because it is only here for the moment.
      C: How can we treasure without being attached? Sounds paradoxical and impossible.
      Z: Does the Buddha treasure all sentient beings?
      C: Of course! With His perfect all embracing Compassion.
      Z: Was He attached to them in any way?
      C: Not in the least.
      Z: That is treasuring without attaching.
          This is living in emptiness with Compassion and Wisdom-
           without which, you are no different from a piece of rock,
           which also dwells in the same emptiness as every other thing and person in the universe,
           whether it realises it or not, whether you realise it or not.
           The difference is knowing and seeing this universal emptiness and living in it.
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